Bombay Sapphire

Discover The BOMBAY SAPPHIRE ‘SAW THIS MADE THIS’ Gin Route On International G&T Day

As the sun sets on the urban landscape of greater Sandton, the vibrant city comes alive with the clinking of glasses and the aromatic symphony of BOMBAY SAPPHIRE gin and tonic.


  • Get ready to elevate your International G&T Day celebrations to new heights as BOMBAY SAPPHIRE presents the SAW THIS MADE THIS Gin Route.
  • This three-day extravaganza unfolds from 19 to 21 October 2023.
  • This unique gin route isn’t just about sipping on classic G&Ts; it’s a curated adventure that blends the worlds of mixology and art.
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Five standout bars—Benchwarmers Sports Bar, Mother in Law, The Blockman, The Royale, and Sin+Tax—have come together to craft an unforgettable experience that will engage your senses and leave you with a newfound appreciation for the artistry behind the perfect gin and tonic.


The SAW THIS MADE THIS Gin Route is more than just a bar crawl; it’s an exploration of creativity. Talented bartenders are not just shaking and stirring, but crafting BOMBAY SAPPHIRE G&Ts that are inspired by the works of local artists. Each sip is a journey through the city’s vibrant art scene, with flavours that mirror the bold strokes of a canvas or the intricate details of a sculpture.


To fully immerse yourself in this gin-infused artistic adventure, grab your passport card and visit each of the collaborating bars by 21 October 2023. Complete your passport, and you stand a chance to win incredible prizes, including a generous R5000 bar tab for you and 10 of your closest friends. The stakes are high, the creativity even higher, and the memories guaranteed to last a lifetime.


To join the adventure, simply download the Magic Stamp App and secure your BOMBAY SAPPHIRE Passport Card from 19 October 2023 until the stroke of midnight on 21 October 2023. This is your ticket to a celebration of creativity, innovation, and, of course, sensational G&T experiences.


Bombay Sapphire
Ten hand-selected exotic botanicals from around the world are skilfully combined to capture the natural flavours that define the fresh and vibrant taste of BOMBAY SAPPHIRE. Image: Bombay Sapphire

Behind this extraordinary event lies BOMBAY SAPPHIRE’s commitment to ‘Stir Creativity.’ Since launching the campaign in 2018, the brand has been a global trailblazer, championing creativity in various forms. From the World’s Most Imaginative Bartender competition to hosting The Glasshouse Project, a series of workshops pushing the boundaries of cocktail creativity, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE is more than just a gin—it’s a catalyst for creative expression.


The heart of this creativity lies in the Bombay distillery at Laverstoke Mill, where a 1761 recipe is brought to life through a unique Vapour Infusion process. So, as you embark on the SAW THIS MADE THIS Gin Route this International G&T Day, know that you are not just savouring a drink; you are partaking in a celebration of creativity, innovation, and the artistry that defines BOMBAY SAPPHIRE.


Here’s to raising your glass to a journey that transcends the ordinary and embraces the extraordinary!


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