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Bolt Food has launched its food delivery services in greater Sandton, giving the hungry and those with cravings access to food deliveries from more than 300 restaurants and fast-food outlets.


  • The launch follows the success of Bolt Food in Cape Town.
  • More than 800 restaurants have been added to the food app since it launched in April 2020.
  • The service is currently available from Bryanston in the north to Braamfontein.
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Bolt Food looks to deliver greater Sandton customers’ orders from a wide range of restaurants and fast-food outlets, including Burger King, Pizza Hut, Subway, Andiccio’s, Del Forno, and many others. The service will expand across the city as more restaurants join the platform.


Bolt Food
Food delivery fees will not be charged for orders where the distance between the food outlet and the delivery destination is less than 4.5km for the launch period. Image: The Sandton Times

We piloted Bolt Food in Cape Town last year, with outstanding results. Restaurants and their customers welcomed Bolt Food’s affordable prices and quick deliveries, and we are excited to bring this solution to Johannesburg, and to other South African cities in the coming months.

// Country Manager for Bolt Food in South Africa, James Townsend-Rose


Bolt Food will offer competitive discounts of up to 50% on food orders from selected restaurants within that period too. What’s more, ABSA customers can get up to 30% cashback on their Bolt Food orders paid for with qualifying cards.


Bolt Food Drivers earn a standard fee and payments for time and mileage for completing each delivery and can choose the hours and locations to offer their service.


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