Andy Rice

Remembering Andy Rice: South African Advertising Giant Passes Away

Andy Rice, South Africa’s preeminent branding and advertising expert, passed away on 6 February 2024.


  • South Africa’s advertising and marketing world morns the loss of a giant in the industry.
  • Born north of London, Andy came to the country in his early 20’s and ended up remaining in South Africa.
  • Andy Rice will be remembered for his marketing mind but also his charm, with and warmth.
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With an illustrious career spanning decades, Andy made an indelible mark on the marketing industry, leaving behind a legacy of innovation, insight, and wit.


Beginning his journey as a strategist at Ogilvy Johannesburg, Andy quickly rose to prominence, eventually founding Yellowwood, a pioneering brand strategy consultancy that became a leader in its field. Under his guidance, Yellowwood flourished and eventually became part of the TBWA empire, with Andy serving as Chairman.


Renowned for his captivating speaking engagements and distinct voice, Andy seamlessly blended his professional expertise with his role as co-host of Talk Radio 702’s ‘AdFeature with Andy Rice’. His keynote presentations, characterized by a unique blend of humor and wisdom, left a lasting impression on audiences, particularly at clients’ annual conferences where he elucidated the importance of brand perception and employee engagement.


Beyond his speaking engagements, Andy was a prolific writer, contributing articles and opinion pieces to esteemed marketing journals and publications. His writings consistently emphasized the pivotal role of creativity in business, arguing that without it, marketing effectiveness was futile. Andy’s influence extended beyond his consultancy work and writing. He was an active participant in industry awards schemes such as Loeries, Apex, and Cannes Lions, and was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award by his peers.


Andy was also the first ever patron of the Advertising Benevolent Fund (ABF) that for over half a century, served as a vital support system behind the advertising, media and marketing industries.


A master of ceremonies par excellence, Andy brought his trademark wit and quick thinking to countless conferences, launches, and functions, earning him respect and admiration from colleagues and clients alike.


In Andy Rice, the marketing world has lost a visionary strategist, a captivating speaker, and a passionate advocate for creativity. His legacy will continue to inspire generations of marketers to come. Andy is survived by his loved ones and the countless individuals whose lives he touched through his work. He will be deeply missed.


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