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All-New Renault Captur 1.3T EDC Intens: An Irresistible Blend Of Style And Practicality

The all-new Renault Captur 1.3T EDC Intens – a fusion of design and practicality that’s bound to sweep you off your feet or at least charm you into the driver seat.


  • With an impressive legacy of 1.5-million global sales in over 90-countries since its inception in 2013, the Captur has come back with a vengeance.
  • Capturing hearts and attention like never before, this easy-to-drive crossover effortlessly balances design with practicality, giving you the best of both worlds.
  • The Renault Captur 1.3T EDC Intens has undergone a remarkable transformation in design.
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The Sandton Times got behind the wheel for a week long test-drive around greater Sandton, to take a ride in the stunning world of the Renault Captur 1.3T EDC Intens – and it’s a keeper.


The all-new Renault Captur doesn’t just take you from point A to point B; it does so in style and comfort, setting new standards for what a modern crossover should be. This remarkable achievement is a testament to its exceptional appeal and the anticipation for the updated version is palpable, especially in the local market following the introduction of the Captur Phase 2 in 2017.


Renault Captur
Step inside, and you’re greeted with an interior that boasts slicker design and trim levels, taking the driving experience to a whole new level. Image: Renault

Let’s talk about style, shall we? The Renault Captur 1.3T EDC Intens has undergone a design evolution that leaves its predecessor in the dust. The exterior has been given a fresh update, featuring striking design cues that will make heads turn. The signature front and rear LEDs gracefully frame the enhanced curvature of the vehicle.


The interior of the Renault Captur 1.3T EDC Intens is a testament to its commitment to comfort and quality. With top-of-the-line materials, soft coverings for the dashboard, and meticulously finished fittings, the cabin exudes an air of luxury that you’ll appreciate every time you slide into the driver’s seat.


Renault Captur
The Renault Captur 1.3T EDC Intens comes in a striking range of colours, with red topping the list of head-turning shades. Image: Renault

Who said style and practicality can’t coexist? The Renault Captur 1.3T EDC Intens shatters that misconception with its generous boot space of 404 litres. But that’s not all; the rear bench can slide forward to create an additional 536 litres of space, adapting to your needs seamlessly. Whether you’re loading up for a road trip or just running errands, the Captur has the versatility to handle it all.


Safety is paramount, and the Renault Captur 1.3T EDC Intens doesn’t cut any corners in this department. With a 5-star safety rating, you can cruise the streets with confidence. The safety features are extensive and top-notch, including 6 airbags (front, side, and curtain), Park Distance Control, Rear View Camera, Lane Departure Warning, Tyre Pressure Detector, EBA & EBD (Emergency Brake Assist & Electronic Brake Distribution), and much more.


If you’re a fan of cutting-edge technology, the Renault Captur 1.3T EDC Intens is armed with an array of advanced technological features that make driving intuitive and enjoyable. The 9.3” Infotainment System takes center stage, offering a teched-up interior that seamlessly integrates with your digital life. Smartphone wireless charging, Multi-Sense drive modes, cruise control, Electronic Park Brake – the list goes on.


Renault Captur
With some beautifully redesigned elements, the refreshed Renault Captur offers a great driving experience. Image: Renault

Beneath the hood, the all-new Renault Captur houses a 1.3 turbo engine that delivers a Formula 1-inspired performance. With 113kW of power and 270Nm of torque, this crossover doesn’t just move; it glides. And with outstanding fuel consumption from only 6.6 liters/100km, you’ll be going places without emptying your wallet at the pump.


Now, let’s get down to business – the price. The all-new Renault Captur Range starts at an attractive R454’999.


With its captivating style, unmatched safety features, smart technologies, and versatile interior, the Renault Captur captures hearts and attention effortlessly.


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