The monthly MAXIM Lounge whisky tasting returns to educate newcomers and aficionado’s alike on a range of worldly whisky.


  • The MAXIM Lounge is an intimate whisky and cigar lounge just below the DaVinci Hotel and Suites.
  • There is also a newly launched cocktail menu available for those looking for alternative options.
  • Whisky tastings are priced at R400 per person including light canapes.
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Held on the last Thursday of every month, a whisky ambassador takes guests through a selection of whisky’s, talking through the history, nose, and palate of each one. Light canapes are served from the neighbouring Maximillien Restaurant to complete the experience.


This month, explore distilled single malt and single grain whiskies made and enjoyed by South Africans and the rest of the world. For many years, the only true great whiskies came from the northern hemisphere, however, an expert mariner James Sedgwick was bold enough to begin crafting his own whisky in 1977.


There was resistance from traditional whisky makers up north as they believed themselves to be the masters of this craft. This did not delay the developments and mastery of Sedgwick’s own techniques though, and being a mariner, and having learned many lessons at sea, he understood that great voyages are seldom accomplished alone, and often, those who sailed into uncharted waters often did so with Three Ships – one to navigate, one to provide supplies, and one to sail in the shallow waters.


Sedgwick named this whisky as a representation of South Africa’s spirit, tenacity, and bravery – the three qualities needed to make an award-winning whisky in a climate that doesn’t lend itself easily to it. Similarly, Bain’s whisky was born from the vision of Founder Distiller Any Watts, whose ambition was to craft a one-of-a-kind single grain whisky made from 100% locally grown and sourced South African grain. So why the name Bain’s? Well, this is a tribute to master pass builder, Andrew Geddes Bains who did the impossible with single determination. He set out to defy nature, and connect the town where this whisky is made, to its surrounding areas.


The MAXIM Lounge boasts floor-to-ceiling displays of some of the world’s finest whiskies, cognacs, and other premium spirits. Adorned with leather lounge suites and decadent armchairs, it makes for a cozy spot to sit back, relax and discover new and unique spirits.


To book your space or find out more about the monthly whisky tastings, visit the Legacy Hotels & Resorts website.


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