These Are The 4 New Locations You’ll Find A Tashas

From humble beginnings in Sandton, the Tashas Group is now making significant moves to expand internationally.


  • The expansion will see the hospitality chain, founded in South Africa, grow both its brand portfolio and global footprint.
  • The Group will be adding new locations in South Africa, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom (UK).
  • The Tashas concept has proven to be very popular, particularly in the Middle East.
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Founded by Natasha Sideris and her brother Savva, Tashas is one of South Africa’s most successful hospitality stories. Over the past 17 years, the business has grown from one restaurant in Atholl, Sandton to 15 in South Africa and 9 in the UAE.


Under its umbrella it houses 5 distinct restaurant concepts namely: tashas, Flamingo Room by tashas, Avli by tashas, Le Parc by tashas and Galaxy Bar. The brand has also recently entered into joint venture agreements to expand the footprints of Collective Africa and nougat brand 1701, both started in South Africa with growing reach into the Middle East.

Since buying back the Group from Famous Brands in 2019, we have been moving forward both locally, and on the international hospitality scene. We have now reached the point where we are able to make significant strides in our expansion plans.

// Founder and Managing Director, Natasha Sideris


Over the next 6 to 12 months, the Tashas Group will be opening a further 6 locations and adding new concepts to their portfolio. The openings include:


Bringing exclusive new concepts curated specifically for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Flamingo Room by tashas is scheduled to open its doors to Saudi’s most prominent clientele in Q4 2022. The new venue will be sitting in the heart of Riyadh within the buzzing neighbourhood of Diriyah, Saudi Arabia’s foremost historic and cultural city, in the Bujairi Terrace, nestled on the banks of the Wadi Hanifah riverbed.


The restaurant will be a three-storey building, inspired by indigenous Najd architecture, and will house four unique and distinct concepts; Flamingo Room by tashas, the African Lounge – an exclusive new concept with a décor that draws inspiration from the wilds of Africa, and the Stargaze Garden – an elaborate, al fresco dining space offering breath-taking views of the wadi-, complemented by luxe retail venue, Collective Africa.

Flamingo Room by tashas first opened its doors in 2017 in Dubai. “Flamingo Room is the ultimate expression of my South African roots and the epitome of old school dining with a contemporary twist. After its major success in Dubai, we think it is time to expand and widen our horizons across the region and hopefully globally.

// Founder and Managing Director, Natasha Sideris


And Abu Dhabi will be getting its very own Flamingo Room by tashas. The UAE’s rich and vibrant capital, will see the Flamingo Room by tashas launching in Q1 of 2023. The new venue will be opening its doors at the luxurious retail and commerce centre, the Galleria on Al Maryah Island, known for adopting the clientele’s finest and most loved F&B concepts. This location will also include Afrouge – a must-visit exclusive bar providing an exceptional ambiance for visitors and setting new mixology standards for the city’s most discerning clientele – as well as Collective Africa for an incredible retail offering.


Bungalo34, a new concept, will be located at the Pearl Jumeirah in Dubai opening in Q4 of 2023 and is inspired by the rivieras of Greece, France and Italy. This restaurant is where 70’s glamour meets beachside chic, opening from breakfast through to dinner, with a menu featuring fresh fish, delicious pastas and beautiful salads. Located on one of the surfing beaches in Dubai, it promises great food and effortless style by the seaside.


Le Parc, the one-of-a-kind food and retail emporium in Hyde Park Shopping Center since 2021, looks to open a second location in the UAE. Image: Tashas

Nala, a luxury quick-service concept, will be opening in Al Serkal in Dubai in early 2023. The group intends to roll this concept out to major metropolitan markets internationally. Nala is another brainchild of Natasha’s. Taking the Group’s experience and expertise in creating “beautiful food, stunning environments with engaging service, she is creating a new category which they are calling “luxury fast food”. While the first one will launch in Dubai, it is distinctly influenced by Africa. The concept will offer freshly prepared meals using natural ingredients that are sustainably sourced and feature unique, unexpected flavours and dishes inspired by African and Middle Eastern cultures.


tashas has already become a mainstay in South Africa and in the UAE, popular for its café style, fresh food on order, in beautiful spaces with good service. tashas will open in Lynnwood Bridge in Pretoria later this year with the next stop being in London, where the team is close to finalizing details on its first location after which the intention will be to roll out further.

Key to our expansion has been ensuring that the heart and soul of our birthplace and foundation – South Africa – is taken to the world. And for this, our people are intrinsic. Not only are we using the South African artists and artisans who have worked with us in SA to build our global stores, but also our own staff. A number of our team members from South Africa are being transferred to international locations in the interests of job creation, skills development and furtherment of their careers.

// Founder and Managing Director, Natasha Sideris


Each of the Group’s concepts have already received high international praise and recognition. Avli by tashas was recently featured in the inaugural Michelin Guide for the UAE and Galaxy Bar, one of Dubai’s most sought-after late-night lounge experiences, was named one of the top 50 bars in the world by World’s 50 Best. It is also the world’s first signature Metaxa cocktail bar.


Incredibly proud of what they have created, the Sideris siblings hope that the expansion will create career and growth opportunities, both in SA and abroad, for local artisans and the hospitality industry.


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