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LIFT, and British Airways (operated by Comair) have temporarily suspended all scheduled flights from July 5, whilst FlySafair continues operations during this time.


  • Over 1’000 passengers have already taken advantage of LIFT’s flexibility.
  • Comair CEO, Glenn Orsmond, has apologized to customers affected by the suspension.
  • FlySafair passengers can continue to book flights through the usual booking channels.
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This move by some of the country’s domestic airlines follows the President’s announcement of a move to an adjusted Level 4 lockdown. Under Alert Level 4, travel to Gauteng for recreational or leisure purposes is not permitted, yet travel for business or other reasons is permitted.


Flights will be suspended by and British Airways from July 5 and aim to recommence from July 30, subject to regulations being eased and COVID-19 infection rates, particularly in Gauteng, being contained. LIFT has decided to cancel all flights on its Johannesburg to Cape Town route from July 5 to July 31. The schedule is set to resume and bookings remain open from August 1.


This was a difficult decision, but we believe under the circumstances is the right course of action for our loyal customers and employees.

// Comair CEO, Glenn Orsmond


Full travel for business or other reasons tools, to create the necessary permits, are all available on the FlySafair homepage. Image: FlySafair

While FlySafair has had to make some adjustments to its schedule to meet new curfew limitations and a lower-demand environment, the carrier has committed to continue operations.

The impact of the new regulations and the third COVID-19 wave has been severe, particularly for Gauteng-bound travelers.


People are choosing to stay at home for now. Understandably so. Our crew is also better off staying put until this wave recedes and the vaccination rollout reaches critical mass. We’re very lucky that LIFT’s agile, demand-driven business model allows us to scale up and down as things change. And change, they certainly do!

// LIFT CEO, Jonathan Ayache


FlySafair confirms that the airline will continue operating flights during the current Alert Level 4 restrictions, within the limits of the current curfew.


In the first 7 months of operation, LIFT operated over 1150 flights and transported more than 150’000 passengers with a 97% on-time performance rate. Image: LIFT

It’s a frustrating time for South Africans. For now, stay safe and we can’t wait to be flying around our beautiful country again soon.

// LIFT CEO, Jonathan Ayache


The airlines have made various cancellation options and alternatives available on their respected websites for affected passengers.


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