2023 Miss South Africa

Natasha Joubert: A Shining Crown For The 2023 Miss South Africa

In a dazzling display of grace, intelligence, and beauty, Natasha Joubert from Tshwane claimed the coveted title of 2023 Miss South Africa.


  • The 2023 Miss South Africa grand finale unfolded in all its glory at the SunBet Arena at Time Square in Pretoria over the weekend.
  • At just 26 years old, Natasha stands as a remarkable testament to ambition and achievement.
  • Armed with a BCom Marketing Management degree, she’s not only an academic standout but also the proud founder and fashion designer of Natalia Jefferys.
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The runner-up, Bryoni Govender, hailing from Johannesburg, not only secured a significant position but also clinched the Motherkind fitness award. However, the night truly belonged to Natasha, who wore the radiant Mowana Tree of Life crown for the very first time, a newly designed crown from Nungu Diamonds.


Natasha’s emotional reaction to her victory spoke volumes. Overwhelmed and teary-eyed, she expressed profound gratitude for the title she had clinched and for being the inaugural bearer of the resplendent Mowana crown. This crown comes with a remarkable prize package, including a substantial cash reward of R1-million, sponsorships, and a serviced apartment at the luxurious Brookfield at Royal in Kensington for the duration of her reign.


As part of her reign, Natasha will have the opportunity of driving a Mercedes-Benz GLC and embarking on a sponsored trip to Paris, courtesy of L’Oreal. This impressive array of prizes and opportunities is a reflection of her exceptional achievements and the high regard she commands as the 2023 Miss South Africa.


In her moving acceptance speech as the 2023 Miss South Africa, Natasha expressed deep gratitude for the opportunity and acknowledged the dedicated efforts of the Miss South Africa Organization and sponsors. She highlighted her commitment to making a positive impact, emphasizing the value of giving back and inspiring others.



Natasha reflected on her journey, from a dream 11-years ago to proudly representing her country internationally. She pledged to use her platform to advocate for causes dear to her heart, particularly entrepreneurship and accessible education. Her aim is to create opportunities, empower the youth, and foster a more inclusive society.


Natasha concluded with a call for unity, kindness, and mutual support, expressing her dedication to representing and uplifting her fellow South Africans. Natasha’s journey to this pinnacle moment has been one of dedication and resilience. 11-years ago, she dreamt of this very achievement, and 3-years ago, she had the honor of representing her country on an international platform at Miss Universe. This triumph is a culmination of hard work, unwavering determination, and a belief in the beauty of second chances. Her journey has not only shaped her into the woman she is today but has also bestowed upon her a deep appreciation for the transformative power of persistence.


Entrepreneurship holds a special place in Natasha’s heart. She recognizes it as a driving force for innovation and economic growth, nurturing creativity and resilience. With a firm understanding of the barriers that often hinder young entrepreneurs, Natasha is committed to creating an environment where entrepreneurial spirits can flourish. She acknowledges the disparity that exists, with more than half of South Africa’s youth lacking the financial means to pursue their dreams.


2023 Miss South Africa
As Miss South Africa 2022 Ndavi Nokeri handed over the crown, it was time for Natasha Joubert to take the title forward. Image: Miss South Africa Organization

Drawing from her personal experience of receiving a bursary that enabled her education, she is already actively involved in giving back and making a difference. The remarkable journey of the 2023 Miss South Africa extends beyond Natasha’s victory. The public’s voice was heard through the special Crown Chaser of the season award, which was conferred upon Lungo Katete. This recognition adds an extra layer of significance to the pageant, as the nation’s appreciation and involvement become integral to the celebration.


Stephanie Weil, CEO of the Miss South Africa Organization, hailed Natasha as a worthy winner of the 2023 Miss South Africa, embodying the organization’s core vision of realizing dreams and effecting positive change. Stephanie expressed confidence in Natasha’s ability to inspire a nation and lauded her accomplishments. She also commended the exceptional efforts of runner-up Bryoni Govender and the other 5 finalists who graced the evening with their unwavering dedication.


The pageant’s grandeur and significance reverberated far and wide, reaching a global audience through the live broadcast on SABC 3 and the streaming on the Miss South Africa app. The all-female judging panel, featuring luminaries like reigning Miss Universe R’Bonney Nola Gabriel, actress and entrepreneur Leandie du Randt, and actress and L’Oréal Paris Sub-Saharan Ambassador Thuso Mbedu, added a touch of empowerment to the occasion.


Natasha Joubert’s journey to becoming the 2023 Miss South Africa is a story of perseverance, inspiration, and determination. Her journey embodies the spirit of South Africa and its unwavering pursuit of dreams.


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