Which Of These 5 ‘Vacations’ Are You Taking? The Workcation

In this five-part travel trends series, The Sandton Times explores the various holidays or vacations travelers are opting for as a result of the pandemic, like the Workcation.


  • After months under lock and key, mixed with stress, anxiety, and eventual cabin fever, people are ready to get out of the house.
  • There are 5 trending holidays or vacations people are taking: the Workcation, the Vaccication, the Spacation, the Staycation, and the Retalication.
  • Be sure to check in every day this week for 2022 travel trends.
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As the world moves into 2022 with international borders opening up and vaccinations on the rise, it’s clear that travel has changed significantly and that the new reality of going on a trip, for business or pleasure, involves a massive focus on hygiene and cleanliness, vaccination passports, ever-changing restrictions but maintaining that undying desire to explore a new place.


Today it’s the turn of the ‘Workcation’. Whilst organisations are managing their risk, so too are many trying to get a maximum return on executive travel plans and with this comes the rise of the ‘Workcation’. Having been locked up in online meetings for almost 2-years, people are yearning to stretch their legs (and minds) yet their personal budgets have been stretched too far already, as a result of the pandemic’s economic impact. Hence many are using their ever-increasing business travel to squeeze in the odd leisure excursion too, without compromising on their work commitments – one hopes.


With a laptop, smartphone, and decent 5G connection in place, the office can move to pretty much anywhere in the world, or for now, somewhere in South Africa. The desire for a work and wanderlust balance is real, and why not schedule a wine tasting in the Cape Winelands, right after that Thursday afternoon online sales meeting?


The concept of a ‘Workcation’ or bleisure trip (combining a personal holiday with a professional business trip) is nothing new, yet is taking on a whole new meaning at this time. Image: The Maslow Hotel

Not only does this impact the amount of time a person will stay in one destination, the combination of work and play will also impact the location of their accommodation, requirements for services like Wi-Fi or meeting rooms, and access to other business services like printing.


Taking it one step further, those who might work for themselves and have found even more freedom in a digitally enabled pandemic world will have embraced a constant state of movement and travel, whilst still attending to online meetings, delivering services, and hosting presentations. According to MBO Partners research, as many as 4.8-million independent workers consider themselves digital nomads – working remotely whilst traveling for an extended period of time. There are even cruise ships dedicated to those who are working remotely and don’t mind checking in on a new city every odd day.


The ‘Workcation’ trend has also made an impact on travel calendars. No longer are the usual school holidays or peak seasons and options – now any time of the year could be a good time to head off and answer emails from a beach, vineyard, or mountain range, as long as there is good enough signal. Traveling out of the usual peak season also makes a significant difference in hotel and car rental pricing, with many benefiting from discounted deals from flights to accommodation.


Whilst many are swapping the boardroom for a bushfire or the watercooler for some water sports, it’s clear that the world of work has changed, some might say for the better, and that location no longer equals productivity.


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