You could stand a chance to enjoy a ‘Villa for the Weekend’ in the heart of Waterfall Country Estate with Houss Rentals. The Sandton Times went ahead to see what you’re in for!


  • The weekend includes spa-treatment massages and dinner at The Codfather.
  • Access to 37km of walking and cycling trails to explore, on foot, or with mountain bikes.
  • Enjoy a meal cooked at The Villas by a private chef from award-winning Embarc Restaurant.
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Houss Rentals is giving three lucky couples a chance to win a weekend ‘holistay’ in one of Johannesburg’s most popular residential estates – Waterfall. With bags packed and lockdown levels eased, The Sandton Times set out to get a first-hand feel for what is in store for those lucky winners who might get a taste of the Waterfall life.


Our favourite box of 1701 nougat and biscuits awaits us in the main bedroom upon arrival. Image: The Sandton Times

Pulling up to The Villas in Waterfall Estate the 190 odd units in their grey and wooden tones have a contemporary feel with a staircase leading up to the front door. It’s a warm welcome as the team from Houss Rentals has the fireplace going, the dinner table set, and the incredibly talented Chef Mitchel du Plessis from award-winning Embarc Restaurant, busy in the kitchen.


The main bedroom comes with an ensuite bathroom featuring a bath and shower option. Image: The Sandton Times

The ultra-modern house features four bedrooms with on-suite bathrooms, a lounge area and pajama lounge, an open kitchen, dining area and guest bathroom. There’s even a boutique garden that wraps around the property, but that’s not too much concern, as we pretty much have the whole Waterfall Estate to explore on a mountain bike from Ace Cycles or a golf cart.


Ride or drive – the choice is yours! Both are a great way to get out and explore the greater Waterfall Estate. Image: The Sandton Times

Chef Mitchel du Plessis serves up a tremendous 6-course dinner, showcasing his incredible talent and hospitality, in the privacy of a ‘Villa for the Weekend’. Some of the dinner highlights included an amuse-bouche consisting of apple meringue and goat’s cheese mousse served in tiny cones, to get the taste buds going.


Beautifully presented and just the right flavours to get us ready for the fine dining ahead. Image: The Sandton Times

This was followed up by a Parmigiano Reggiano Risotto with onion, pine nuts, and truffle.


Amazing flavours and in the comfort of your own space for the weekend – what more could you ask for? Image: The Sandton Times

The beef fillet with short rib, baby leaks, salt & vinegar crisps on a potato air gremolata stops the show, as each bite leaves us wanting more.


Delicious and tender, this piece of meat stole the evening making for a tremendous main course. Image: The Sandton Times

A decadent evening is brought to a close with a dance of chocolate meringue, Kahlua mascarpone, brandy snaps with slithers of citrus.


A sweet ending to a leisurly dinner, fire place roaring on a cold winter night. Image: The Sandton Times

The tastefully decorated main bedroom is only outdone by the pre-heated hot blanket waiting to put full stomachs to sleep on a crisp winter night.


Winners will be able to make the most of their weekend at Waterfall Estate be it a picnic, exercise, a run, a walk or whatever suits you! Image: The Sandton Times

The following day sees another activity-packed day, interlaced with moments to just park off on a sofa and take in a little Netflix. Lunch is served picnic style, at the edge of a dam on the Waterfall property. A quick golf-cart ride to the spot makes for a great way to explore the world of Waterfall, with its river, dams, and multitude of bridges and pathways. The out-of-home luncheon under a tree leaves enough time for the team from TidyUpp to give the residence a refresh, in time for the afternoon in-home full-body massage from SHEAR Hair Studio.


At-home full body massage? Now that sounds like just the perfect pre-dinner activity to wind down. Image: The Sandton Times

After a day of pampering and fresh air, a chauffeur from BMW Midrand picks us up in the latest BMW 7-Series for dinner at The Codfather (Polo Fields Waterfall) renowned for their seafood and grills. An early dinner is topped off with a movie night at The Villas next to a roaring fireplace.


Chauffeur-drive to dinner at The Codfather in the new BMW 7 Series thanks to BMW Midrand. Image: The Sandton Times

After two nights of fine dining and two days of getting a feel for the Waterfall Estate life, it’s time to check out and grab a leisurely brunch at the clubhouse taste restaurant.


Spicy Chicken Livers on a crisp winter morning is just the perfect dish to order at taste restaurant, located at the clubhouse. Image: The Sandton Times

#Villa4TheWknd is running in August, September, and October 2021, and a lucky couple can win this exclusive weekend staycation every month.


To participate, visit this link or sign up via the entry link on the Houss Rentals Facebook and Instagram pages.


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