Ford Everest Sport

We Drove It: Around Table Mountain In A Ford Everest

Bringing together a premium on-road experience with all the elements of off-road use, the Ford Everest Sport proved to be a good choice for a test-drive through the Cape of good roads.


  • The Everest is Ford’s premium offering in the SUV market and, as such, offers quality combined with exceptional space and practicality.
  • The addition of the Sport pack gives the Everest a more dynamic and athletic look.
  • Looks are equally matched with an extensive standard safety package and good fuel consumption.
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Anyone in the market for a new car of late will have noticed the number one selling line being the need for a car that can handle South Africa’s never ending pothole ridden roads. Just the mere thought of that whiplash inducing, teeth shattering, coffee spraying, rim ripping experience of crashing through a pothole on the way to work can put even the bravest motorist into a sheer state of anxiety.


And whilst all the King’s brigades and all the King’s men, couldn’t put our roads back together again, navigating the daily Emmentaler of Gauteng’s failing infrastructure can be that little bit more comfortable with the right kind of steed – like a muscular sport-utility vehicle (SUV).


Ford Everest Sport
The SUV isn’t overly branded, with an Everest 3D logo as a bonnet badge – which isn’t overly intrusive – and the ‘Sport’ decal on the bottom of the back doors. Image: The Sandton Times

There was no doubt of this, when climbing into the Ford Everest Sport, at Cape Town International airport – the cockpit feeling all-powerful, gazing across the dashboard and onto the road ahead. Unquestionably, this SUV has a presence from the first gear to the last, and its unusual chocolate or Diffused Silver (Metallic) colour, unique black mesh grille design and 20-inch black alloy wheels, adds another dimension of boldness.


Having not been part of any national launches of the model, it was great to explore the greater Cape Town region solo, taking a vehicle geared for some serious adventurous motoring through some daily use situations – and it performed exceptionally well! It’s not the first time we’d test-driven the Ford Everest Sport, having had fond memories of the previous execution before the 2019 update.


Ford Everest Sport
The Ford Everest Sport is built to perform whilst doing so in style, with interior stitching and leather covered dashboard. Image: The Sandton Times

What the Ford Everest Sport offers in so many places, it lacks a bit on the SYNC3 infotainment system user experience. Yet, the ride provides a serious on-road presence, with good acceleration coming from the 2.0-litre turbocharged-diesel engine. Choose from a 2WD or 4WD release, with 10-speed automatic transmission standard across all models.


The Ford Everest Sport comes with all the necessaries for a vehicle this size, including park distance control and an additional third row of seating which flips down for generous luggage space. The Ford Everest base model starts with the 2.2 TDCi XLS 6AT 2WD at around R588’300; The Ford Everest Sport base model then comes in with the 2.0 SiT XLT SPORT 10AT 2WD at around R706’750 all the way up to the 2.0 SiT XLT SPORT 10AT 4WD at around R750’950.


Both a good looker and a hard worker, it goes without saying that the Ford Everest enjoys a category leading position for the longest of times.


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