Which Of These 5 ‘Vacations’ Are You Taking? The Vaccication

In this five-part travel trends series, The Sandton Times explores the various holidays or vacations travelers are opting for as a result of the pandemic, like the Vaccication.


  • After months under lock and key, mixed with stress, anxiety, and eventual cabin fever, people are ready to get out of the house.
  • There are 5 trending holidays or vacations people are taking: the Workcation, the Vaccication, the Spacation, the Staycation, and the Retalication.
  • Be sure to check in every day this week for 2022 travel trends.
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As the world moves into 2022 with international borders opening up and vaccinations on the rise, it’s clear that travel has changed significantly and that the new reality of going on a trip, for business or pleasure, involves a massive focus on hygiene and cleanliness, vaccination passports, ever-changing restrictions but maintaining that undying desire to explore a new place.


Today it’s the turn of the ‘Vaccication’. With many in the world opting to take one of the few vaccination options available, destinations have started opening up exclusively to those who have taken the jab. It’s been one of the major motivations for those hesitant or skeptical about taking the injection – being able to step onto a plane and travel overseas once more. After months of hardly being able to step out into the neighbourhood, let alone go on a skiing holiday or enjoy a beach resort, the thought that vaccination could open up the world of travel again, has many excited and lining up to get the single or double jab.


Whilst regulations continue to change on a regular basis, many countries have tried to encourage tourism and travelers to visit again by providing those with a vaccination a slightly easier entry than those who have opted not to take the jab. Mandatory vaccination for a variety of different diseases is nothing new.


From yellow fever vaccination and malaria prevention to polio and now Covid-19, those regular travelers will have taken one if not all of these, to travel freely to a destination of choice. Image: The Sandton Times

Countries offering an attractive ‘Vaccication’ (a combination of the words Vaccination and Vacation) will cut out mandatory Covid-19 tests, a mandatory 10-day quarantine, additional restrictions, and documentations making travel a bit like it was back in the good old 2000’s. With millions of travelers having had to put their 2020 travel plans on hold, the act of getting a vaccination has been the first step in getting their foot on the world stage again. Even some airlines have indicated the requirement of being vaccinated before coming onboard.


As regulations are changing on a daily basis, it’s best to review and remain up-to-date, even whilst traveling, of the developments and requirements of each country. Proof of being vaccinated is also in its early stages, be it a printed-out certificate or on the more advanced scale, a digital vaccine passport, proving the traveler’s vaccination status.


However, being fully vaccinated isn’t a free pass to flout local rules as many countries will keep certain restrictions in places like mandatory mask-wearing and social distancing. As with many customs observed in different countries, so too will a visitor to that region observe Covid-19 regulations as deemed necessary.


Whatever the case, it’s clear that vaccines and vaccination passports will play a greater role in international travel and getting to those white beaches, snow-covered peaks, or 7-day cruises once more.


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