Sandown High School


Over 40 members of the South African Police Service (SAPS) joined by colleagues from the Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) and K9 Units swept through Sandown High School, following information received by the school governing body and principal.


  • Law enforcement were joined by representatives of the Department of Education.
  • Trained drug detection dogs were deployed to aid in detecting a variety of substances including drugs.
  • SAPS are planning more unannounced visits at schools based on information from crime intelligence.
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This past week, Andrew, Fire and Noah joined their human K9 Unit counterparts for a sweep through Sandown High School, using their heightened senses and remarkable training to track down even the slightest trace of drugs on the property.


Sandown High School
South African Police Service (SAPS) members conduct searches during the Sandown High School operation. Image: The Sandton Times

The main purpose for us coming here today was to address the issue of drugs at the school, because the principal and school governing body highlighted some potential illegal activities.

// Social Crime Prevention Head at the Johannesburg District Office, Captain Alpheus Matshaba


SAPS mobilised a variety of different units to conduct a thourough search, which included dog aided sweeps through classrooms and searching of pupils. Some pupils showed great interest in the highly trained Labrador Retrievers and German Shepherd’s conducting their work, whilst others opted to observe the operation from a distance.


Sandown High School
South African Police Service (SAPS) K9 Unit sweeps through empty classroom in search of illegal substances. Image: The Sandton Times


SAPS did not find any drugs during this operation at Sandown High School, but are planning to return as and when, for future searches.


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