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UEFA Euro 2024: Official Match Ball Features New Connected Ball Technology

Late last year, adidas unveiled the Fussballliebe Official Match Ball for UEFA Euro 2024, marking a significant milestone with the introduction of Connected Ball Technology to the tournament.


  • This innovative technology enhances decision-making precision, heralding a new era in football.
  • Each stadium and host city name are also illustrated on the ball, celebrating the tournament’s rich heritage.
  • The name “Fussballliebe” translates to “love of football”.
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At the heart of Fussballliebe’s design lies a commitment to precision and performance. Engineered with a unique PRECISIONSHELL 20-piece panel shape and strategically placed deboss grooves, the ball offers unparalleled accuracy and control. The meticulous research and testing conducted both in laboratories and on the pitch have optimized the ball’s aerodynamics, ensuring it performs flawlessly in various playing conditions.

When designing this Official Match Ball, we were inspired by the energy and diversity of the tournament and the love that Europe has for football. With that in mind, we hope Fussballliebe will bring joy wherever it’s kicked.

// VP Product and Design at adidas Football, Sam Handy


The ball’s aesthetic captures a dynamic design featuring black wing shapes with vibrant red, blue, green, and orange accents, symbolizing the diversity and excitement of the competing nations.


A standout feature of the Fussballliebe is its CTR-CORE. This ground-breaking core is tuned for consistency and accuracy, facilitating fast and precise play while maintaining maximum shape and air retention. It combines a zero-waste bladder made from renewable natural rubber and a carcass of double-patched PES fabric, providing the ball with exceptional strength and shape retention.


Connected Ball Technology
The incorporation of Connected Ball Technology into Fussballliebe represents a revolutionary advancement in football. Image: Adidas

Developed in collaboration with Kinexon, the Connected Ball Technology includes a 500Hz inertial measurement unit (IMU) motion sensor stabilized by a suspension system within the ball. This sensor provides real-time data on every element of the ball’s movement, assisting match officials with quicker and more accurate decisions. It plays a crucial role in UEFA’s semi-automated offside technology and supports VAR officials in identifying every touch of the ball, thereby reducing the time spent on resolving handball and penalty incidents.


Sustainability is another key aspect of Fussballliebe’s design. Adidas has utilized bio-based materials such as corn fibres, sugar cane, wood pulp, and rubber, alongside recycled polyester and water-based ink. This makes Fussballliebe the most environmentally friendly Official Match Ball adidas has ever produced without compromising performance.

The UEFA European Football Championship stands as the pinnacle of national team competition in Europe, and we are committed to ensuring that every aspect, from the venues to the equipment, upholds the highest standards of quality and performance. We are, as always, confident that adidas’ Fussballliebe will mark another stride in our shared dedication to excellence.

// UEFA Technical Director and Chief of Football, Zvonimir Boban


The Fussballliebe Official Match Ball is available for purchase in adidas retail and selected retailers. The Fussballliebe Pro Ball is priced at R2’699, and the Fussballliebe Club Ball at R499. However, the Official Match Ball with the Connected Ball Technology will not be commercialized or available in retail.


UEFA Euro 2024, kicking off on 14 June 2024, will showcase Fussballliebe across 51 matches, promising a tournament where technology and tradition blend seamlessly.


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