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Marking A Two Year Milestone For @Sandton Hotel

Off the bustling streets of Sandton, @Sandton Hotel commemorates two years of leadership.


  • Spearheading this journey is General Manager Anthony Batistich, whose dedication has helped attain success despite the challenges posed by a global pandemic.
  • Two years ago, amidst the vibrant landscape of Sandton, Anthony Batistich embarked on a journey to lead a new hotel venture.
  • Tasked with launching a sprawling hotel and apartment complex under a new brand during challenging times, his determination remained steadfast.
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From its humble beginnings as an old Telkom parking lot, @Sandton Hotel has grown as an establishment, boasting an 87% year-on-year revenue increase. Ranking a 3.5 out of 5 on TripAdvisor and an 8.6 out of 10 on, the hotel has seen its fair share of guests since opening its doors.


Sandton Hotel
@Sandton Hotel General Manager, Anthony Batistich, marks two years of leadership running one of Sandton’s newest hotels. Image: @Sandton Hotel

Under Anthony’s stewardship, @Sandton Hotel has expanded its services to include tailored concierge services, curated dining experiences, and wellness options, all aimed at enhancing the guest experience. Strategic initiatives such as prioritising direct bookings and implementing a loyalty program have further strengthened guest engagement and loyalty, according to the hotel.


Sandton Hotel
@Sandton Hotel forms part of a mixed-use development including a hotel, apartments, a deli, spa, restaurants, retail and more. Image: @Sandton Hotel

Expressing gratitude to the hotel’s loyal guests, dedicated employees, and supportive stakeholders, Anthony Batistich reflects on @Sandton Hotel’s journey.

As we look ahead to continued growth, we remain committed to enhancing guest experiences, introducing new culinary initiatives, and prioritising service excellence. We also have some exciting developments in the pipeline which we will reveal in due time.

// @Sandton Hotel General Manager, Anthony Batistich


Sandton Hotel
Based in Benmore Gardens, within the Acsiopolis mixed-use development, @Sandton Hotel boasts a range of different room categories from a Standard King Room up to the Presidential Suite. Image: @Sandton Hotel

Despite inevitable challenges, including staffing shortages and economic uncertainties, @Sandton Hotel has tried transforming obstacles into opportunities for growth. With customer services processes and implementing robust training programs the hotel looks to constantly improve its offering into the future.


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