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Let The Travel Start: 7 Helpful Black Friday Flight Booking Tips

It’s been a long year made up of the Covid-19 pandemic, lockdown, looting, load-shedding, local government elections, and everything in-between. There’s certainly no better time to let the travel start again and get away from the everyday!


  • Black Friday promises annual unbeatable travel deals for flights and hotels.
  • No camping outside of retail stores as most 2021 Black Friday deals move online.
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Luckily, Black Friday comes every November to spread some festive cheer with airlines across South Africa getting in on this huge sale day. And you will not want to miss out if curfews have put a damper on your 2021 travel plans – right now, you just want that travel start.


Travel Start
Just like with any trip or holiday, being organized and following a clear strategy will vastly improve your Black Friday booking success rate. Image: Lift

It’s easy to get caught up in the rush of Black Friday deals, hence The Sandton Times has compiled these tips to get the best Black Friday flight deals:

  • Be flexible: If traveling off-peak doesn’t matter to you (which translates into fewer people at the holiday resort and a more spacious flight – are those three seats for me?) you can totally secure an epic deal. Often the deepest discounts are available on schedules where airlines need to put bum’s in aircraft seats, and this could translate into flying mid-week or outside of a peak season.
  • Go with the deal: Browse this Black Friday with an open mind. If you’re preferred holiday destination is cast in stone, there is a high chance it might not be the greatest deal. Rather plan your holiday more broadly i.e. choose a country rather than a specific city or go with a route rather than a specific airline.
  • Get going at midnight: Most Black Friday deals are limited and exclusive, with some being snatched up the moment they release at midnight. Get ready to book as early as possible before the rest of South Africa wakes up and the best deals are sold out.
  • Skip the baggage and airplane meals: This one works best with a domestic flight, less than 2-hours on one of South Africa’s low-cost carriers like LIFT Airline, FlySafair, Kulula, British Airways, and Airlink. Fit all your underwear, belongings, and toothbrush into a carry-on, pack some snacks in your back pocket and make sure your favourite Netflix show is downloaded to your phone, for some in-flight entertainment. The extra fees attached to some of these services can seriously add up, depending on where you’re going and who you are flying with.
  • Log on: When planning your travel start by visiting The Sandton Times Fly page just after midnight to start booking Black Friday specials.
  • Get organised: There is no doubt things can get a little carried away as the Black Friday adrenaline kicks in so make sure you have a Black Friday cheat sheet at hand with possible dates, times and destinations, so you can focus on the best deals fast, rather than aimlessly browsing without much of an outcome.
  • Stay current: Covid-19 restrictions have certainly made travel way more complex with every country having its own requirements and protocols. Website Sherpa, a guide to getting the right travel documentation and understanding up-to-date travel requirements, is a great resource to ensure you don’t end up stuck in transit.


Keeping these 7 Black Friday flight booking tips in mind will significantly improve your online shopping experience and provide a higher success rate in securing the deals you want. So let the travel start by visiting  The Sandton Times Fly page and subscribing to the flight newsletter to get great travel and airline deals throughout the year, first.


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