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Those scanning the Sandton skyline this past Wednesday would have witnessed, the lighting up of The Leonardo in Sandton, once more, as FPV drones filmed and lit the south side of the building with 88,000 lumens of projection power, marking the launch of a supersized edition of a fruit infused ale by Brutal Fruit.


  • Brutal Fruit was launched in 2002.
  • The Ruby Apple Spritzer Grand Luxe projection on The Leonardo reached 234-metres.
  • The projection covered 12’600 square meters of the hotel.
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A projection of the 620ml Brutal Fruit bottle covered 54-storeys of Africa’s tallest building for two days, giving it a blush pink appearance. The launch evening included synchronized swimmers taking to the pool and as far as pandemic collective nouns go, a boutique Rhumba of Responsible’s enjoyed the sounds of a violin performance in a bubble, followed by DBN GOGO and Black Motion on the decks.


Brutal Fruit


Brutal Fruit describes the Ruby Apple Spritzer as ‘a sweet and zesty blend of citrus and apple flavours with hints of spice, grapefruit peel and honey’. It retails for R135 a bottle on TakeALot at contains 5% Alc/Vol.


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