Rand Merchant Bank (RMB) Lion


The landmark Rand Merchant Bank (RMB) corner in Sandton, which shows a larger than life standing lion holding a key, has disappeared and has been replaced with a new identity, which is part of RMB’s new branding.


  • GT Ferreira, Laurie Dippenaar and Paul Harris, founded RMB in 1977.
  • RMB has been a sponsor of WineX and Starlight Classics for over 20-years.
  • RMB is not the only lion inspired logo undergoing a change.
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The new look will be rolled out in a phased approach, having started in November 2020, and looks to reflect RMB’s over-arching purpose. RMB’s long-standing tagline ‘Traditional values. Innovative ideas.’ remains.

A lot has happened since our last brand refresh in 2006, both in terms of our operating strategy and the business environment in general. The latest investment in our brand reflects these changes, ensuring that the RMB brand remains relevant, modern and distinctive in the broader African market and with our growing client base.

// RMB Chief Executive Officer, James Formby


He says RMB will continue to execute on its strategy and set the business up for future success. The refreshed brand will play a role in ensuring this is the case by reflecting a contemporary African brand that is rooted in purpose and shaped by client needs.


RMB Lion Logo

There are numerous touchpoints that shape our brand in the hearts and minds of our employees, clients and society to bring the purpose to life – from the way our people engage with clients, our events, our advertising, our communication and the types of business opportunities we undertake, to the everyday experiences people have with RMB.

// RMB Chief Executive Officer, James Formby


The ever-evolving world of technology has also influenced the brand evolution. The new logo represents an evolution rather than a revolution, retaining a sense of familiarity and building on the strength of RMB’s brand.

As we design for a digital world, we need to keep things as clean and simple as possible. As such we have evolved our logo. The RMB lion’s head represents our African heritage, strength, and the pride we take in doing good business. The subtle use of orange is associated with joy and the African sunshine. Together with the black and white, it makes the brand look more contemporary.

// RMB Chief Marketing Officer, Alison Badenhorst


Peugot Lion Logo


Yet, this isn’t the only lion that is changing. Ten logos later, French car manufacturer Peugeot has redesigned its logo to keep, what is says, ‘pace with its products’. The Peugeot lion logo as we have known it to-date, appeared in 2010, and after 10-years has had to make way for a lion head logo, last seen in the 1960’s. With a reinvented coat of arms, Peugeot is hoping to turn over a new page in its history yet remaining timeless, universal, and multi-cultural.


If the new RMB lion on the corner of Fredman Drive and Rivonia Road will be as characterful as its predecessor, donning its usual Christmas wardrobe in December, remains to be seen.


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