Whilst this week’s episode of The Bachelor SA took the love-birds to Happy Island, there was fiercer drama in the bachelorette love bubble!

Cupid turned on the heat – bachelor Marc Buckner just couldn’t keep his hands off 24-year-old Afrikaans speech therapist, Marisia Van Wyk who was invited to a special one-on-one date in Maropeng. She may not have received the First Impression Rose and her first date may have been stolen by Pasha, but it was shy Marisia from Klerksdorp who was the first lady to experience an intense romantic connection with Marc.

To Marisia’s surprise, she was invited to the coveted one-on-one date for a second time, to “ride side-by-side” with Marc, who really wanted to get to know her better. The pair rode along to Maropeng, The Cradle of Humankind, where she was met with the most beautiful, romantic little date setup of cushions, roses, candles and blankets and not forgetting a stunning sunset as the backdrop.

The couple got to know each other better emotionally, and then physically as the chemistry between them became increasingly intense, leading to a steamy and passionate encounter, that Marc eventually had to pull away from, admitting that he was getting “carried away”.

Marisia, of course, went home with a rose, and Marc revealed in his diary session that there was perhaps too much chemistry for a first date. Does this make Marisia the new front-runner?

Back at the mansion, wise Marisia decided to keep all the juicy details of her date with Marc a secret, in fear of over-sharing with the ladies. The tactic may have worked, as Rikki Brest said that no feathers were ruffled when Marisia walked in with a rose, as they don’t believe that they shared a connection. Well, surprise, surprise ladies!

More Drama at the Bachelor Mansion
Nolo Moloi and Bridget Marshall continue to be a topic of conversation in the house. Nolo attempts to make peace with Bridget but things take a turn for the worst as the rest of the girls jump in to confront Nolo about her stunt at the previous Cocktail Party. Bridget feels as though Nolo is the root of the problem and was seeking attention, and should be the one apologising. She eventually apologises to Bridget again, but, it wasn’t taken sincerely by Bridget, or any of the other girls, who have had enough of her antics.

Fun in the Sun!
This week’s group date included a hunky shirtless Marc and six sexy ladies in bikinis at a waterpark. Marc enjoyed an afternoon alongside Pasha Dos Santos, Rikki, Payal Serbalak, Nolo, Jess C. and finally, after some ugly crying and a pity-party, Silke Geugis, who had been waiting to be invited to a date since receiving the First Impression Rose.

Flaunting her finest assets, Pasha seemed to have hogged most of the time with Marc during the date, but it was Silke who was invited for some breakaway time. Silke finally got her chance to tell Marc how she feels and get to know him better, which in turn earned her a rose and secured her position in the house for an extra week.


Queen Nolo and the Cocktail Party
After a week of drama and dates, the ladies decided that Andeline Wieland would be the first girl to have a chat with Marc at the Cocktail Party, given that she hasn’t had much time with him since her arrival.

But, of course, Nolo doesn’t stick to the script and infuriates the ladies by grabbing Marc first, with total disregard of girl code. This sends fury throughout the house and leaves her isolated for the duration of the night. Trying to salvage the bad decision on her part, Nolo attempts to apologise to Andeline, who then has an outburst and tells Nolo off, declining the apology.

In other drama, Silke and Qiniso have a tiff, over who’s turn it was to chat to Marc. Silke took an opportunity to chat to Marc, as she really wanted to kiss him and see if the chemistry was there, but Qiniso wasn’t pleased as she was supposedly next in line, and immediately went to Marc to expose Silke for being two-faced. How will this little feud end?

The Rose Ceremony
For the first time this season, Marc sent home three ladies at the Rose Ceremony. Two roses had already been handed out to Marisia and Silke during their one-on-one time, leaving just eleven roses up for grabs for another chance to vie for Marc’s heart. In the end, it was time for Pi, Nolo and Stefanie to say goodbye. Nolo was sad to leave, as she would have loved to fall in love, while Stefanie and Pi had no hard feelings, as there was no connection between them and Marc.

More next week on The Bachelor SA Season 2, Thursdays at 7pm on M-Net Channel 101!

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