An opportunity to test drive a 2009 Aston Martin V8 Vantage doesn’t come along everyday. What a pleasure. Never knew Aston Martin bothered with pre-owned cars.

Pick up the midnight blue 2009 Aston Martin V8 Vantage at Aston Martin in Sandton, off Rivonia Road. Angelique, one of the sales team, is still on duty. Wondering if the car will be as pretty as Angelique. Beautifully taken care of. The Aston Martin that is. The General Manager offers to do a brief run through of the vehicle. As the door opens that smell of new car fills the air. How could this be possible in a pre-owned car? The Aston has been taken care of. A pre-owned Aston Martin starts off as low as R700,000. Would never have thought. And the car comes with a free service and two year warranty. Not sure if the pre-owned will go down as well as a brand new one?

Time to ease it out of the parking spot and off to the nights arrangement – a gala dinner with the Black Management Forum. Ready to play with the big boys. The Aston is a beauty. Just turning it on is a turn on. The acceleration is a thrill. Everything oozes luxury, power and status. Can’t wait to meet one of those special BMW drivers on the highway.

The drive to the dinner and back is not much fun in a sense that the Vantage is not really designed for first and second gear, city driving. This car deserves an open road. The next day, it’s time to pack up and head off to a 30th High-Tea in the Vaal. Surprised at the decent boot space fitting a good size overnight bag and gifts. Hitting the highway, the car comes into its element, accelerating in seconds and maintaining a great cruising speed, turning heads with every pass.

That BMW driver finally appeared. Driving right up the Aston’s backside even though the speed limit is only 120km/h. Signs of insecurity. Could put the foot down, twitch a finger to gear down and be gone in split seconds. The Aston does 330km/h without blinking. Instead, decided to indicate, pull into a slower lane and leave the BMW champion free reign to break the law and prove whatever point. Style and class is such a fine line.

Arrive in the Vaal in good time. The car get’s tons of attention. No one really cares if its brand new or pre-owned. The birthday girl wants a drive around the block. Wendy gets her 30th birthday wish. The quick drive leaves everyone impressed.

A few snaps with everyone and the Vantage, then it’s time to head off. At a petrol station for a quick refuel, the car draws plenty of attention. Other motorists ask to have a look inside the car, take a photo and want to take a look under the hood. Pre-owened. Brand new. Whatever. The car draws tons of attention. Over R900 of fuel later, and its time to have a proper Italian lunch with some restauranteur and public relation friends. The radio stays off most of the trip. With an Aston Martin motor humming away, who would want to spoil the ambience with some Robin Thicke.

The lunch is fabulous. One last drive to Kievits Kroon Country Estate. Nothing like a weekend away. The car once again is a pleasure to drive.

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