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The all-new Subaru Outback will be landing in South Africa on 1 May 2021, an evolution of the SUV wagon that Subaru pioneered 27 years ago. The Subaru Outback is the most advanced, most capable and safest car in the brand’s history with a new and more powerful 2.5-litre direct injection Boxer Engine as well as wholly improved levels of refinement and dynamic ability.


  • The Subaru Outback is all-terrain capable.
  • The new Outback will debut a number of new technologies.
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well as 4 x USB ports are standard.
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The all-new Subaru Outback is a leap ahead in terms of benchmark safety and technology not just for Subaru but for others in the segment as well. Now offered in two grades, this is a continuation of our strategy to offer our South African customers even more choice and the imminent arrival of this flagship product is exciting news for Subaru SA and all our customers. It really is a mind shift in terms of what is possible.

// Subaru South Africa Marketing Lead, Nteo Nkoli


The Hands Free Tailgate function is an entirely new technology for the brand. It works by waving your hand or arm directly in front of the rear Subaru badge on the centre of the tailgate, for a convenient way to gain access to the boot.


Making its debut on the Outback, the DriverFocus Distraction Mitigation System is a smart new technology that will in future, be rolled out to other vehicles in the Subaru range. This system makes use of cameras and facial recognition to monitor the driver for signs of fatigue or distraction and then warns the driver where it detects a lack of focus and attention to the road. This system also allows for facial recognition to automatically adjust driving position and mirrors to pre-programmed settings for up to 5 individual drivers.


The new Subaru Outback also heralds the latest Subaru in-car design and cabin architecture. A key highlight here is the new 11,6-inch portrait/vertical touchscreen with smartphone-familiar swipe, drag and touch features.




The Outback also features the latest, most advanced generation of EyeSight yet. This system now includes Autonomous Corrective Steering, improved lane keeping, vibration feedback through the steering wheel and an altogether wider field of view and therefore operation through the dual cameras. This is in addition to all the other functions of our award-winning EyeSight Driving Assistance system.


The Subaru Outback will be offered in South Africa in two trim levels, the Field and Touring models giving customers more choice to suit specific lifestyles. Whilst both models promise the highest levels of technology and safety, the Field derivative adopts a more rugged design where the Touring has more urban trim accents.


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