Technology Corporate Management (TCM) has launched an industry-leading solution, which will enable seamless managed print services (MPS) integration. The distinctive MPS Connector provides companies with professional features like data collection and print behaviour tracking while removing the burden of high printing costs and manual interventions.


  • Print remains a vital part of many business processes and is, in some instances, a mandatory legal or compliance requirement.
  • MPS Connector is a managed printing service connector device that integrates directly and securely into existing MPS management platforms to enable the full automation and reporting centralisation of a remote fleet.
  • The technology will provide employees that are working from home the same level of print service they have become accustomed to in the corporate workplace.
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Abruptly demanded shifts in workspace environments has plunged many businesses into a sea of unknown changes – most notably the acceptance of the flexible work from home model. As organisations adapt to this model, continuity and productivity are more crucial than ever.


We noticed an urgency in the market to ensure efficiency and stability for the work-from-home employee as this directly affects the productivity and quality of company operations. TCM is known for its exceptional service delivery nationwide and understands the complexity of a home-user environment.

// Head of MPS at TCM, Frank Cornelli


With an extensive national footprint, the rollout of the MPS Connector technology is readily supported by centralised monitoring expertise and relevant skills to meet customer service level expectations regardless of location.


In launching the MPS Connector TCM is offering the first 50 subscription customers with a free two-month trial period. This will be in combination with various supported print devices to meet the demands of employees that are working from home, enabling cost-effective and reliable printing, copying. The MPS Connector solution integrates with the TCM services suite to deliver on-time delivery of supplies and consumables, remotely managing all the print devices for work-from-home customers, all while ensuring reduced printing costs.


While the global working model has changed, businesses still need to provide support to their employees, ensure on-time delivery of supplies and other consumables and monitor the health and status of their printers remotely and securely. TCM is proud to officially launch the MPS Connector, which provides a service qualitatively similar at home to that which employees have experienced in the corporate environment.

// Head of MPS at TCM, Frank Cornelli


The solution will be made available through TCM’s multichannel distribution model, including end-users and through its valued channel partners.  As a customer and service-centric organisation, TCM’s facilities and infrastructure are geared for the efficient delivery of solutions which are unique to each customer. With specialist teams nationally, TCM is well placed to provide bespoke solutions and services across various geographies and industries.


The MPS Connector technology is able to assist organisations in driving their productivity and innovation initiatives, regardless of the current stage of their digital transformation journey.


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