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Sandton Times Podcast

There is always a break in the clouds. There is always a way to move forward, and space to remain optimistic. Growth may be just over the hill. This essential listen for any small business owner during these challenging times, should put you back on the path to recovery! Now

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Futurist, trends specialist and author John Sanei has announced that his third book, FOREsight, will be released this May. Known for his unique brand of futurism mixed with philosophy, John Sanei’s first two books, What’s Your Moonshot? and Magnetiize, both reached bestseller status. While What’s Your Moonshot? helped readers future-proof

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FORBES AFRICA and Capitec Bank will co-host the inaugural FORBES AFRICA Under-30 Capitec Meet-Up on On Thursday, July 12. This will be the first time the Under-30 event, hosted in the United States annually, will see an African edition come to life. Taking place at the Wanderers Club in Johannesburg, the

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