Summer is coming. You read correctly. There will be a few months of Autumn and then Winter, but right after that, Spring and Summer will be back! It’s time to SWEAT1000.

As the decades old Instagram Story post goes: “A Summer body is made in Winter.” In South Africa, we luckily don’t have to battle torrential snowfall and blizzards over Winter, but the odd Tomato Soup, Beef Stew or Extra Cheese Pizza can do equally enough damage, as the cold winter months activate that craving for all things that are weight gaining. In steps SWEAT1000 founder and instructor, Andrew Rothschild.

The Sandton Times managed to secure some time with a man whose fitness and energy puts even the most active high-school boy to shame.

Andrew, take us through the SWEAT1000 concept?
SWEAT stands for Specialised Weight Endurance Athletic Training with the 1000 representing calories burned in a ground breaking 1-hour workout. SWEAT1000 integrates treadmill work with the components of interval training, functional training, core stability work, athletic training, and agility training. SWEAT1000 is the result of taking everything that is the highest level of physical training and putting it into a 1-hour dynamic, action packed class that is different every single time. Always changing the dynamics of the class, alleviating the boredom factor and never allowing people to know what they are going to get.

SWEAT1000 is the best full body workout that you will ever experience and is guaranteed to help you achieve your best body ever. Satisfied clients from across the country and around the world are raving about what one can only describe as the Ultimate Life Changing Workout. The results that people have achieved from losing weight to increasing their fitness levels have revolutionised group training.

SWEAT1000 has been featured on numerous TV shows and international wellness magazines. Clients include well-known TV stars, UFC Fighters, Springbok Rugby Players, International Football Players, Victoria Secrets Models, Sports Illustrated Models as well as individuals just looking to transform their bodies and improve their way of life.

The SWEAT1000 concept is unique in that it offers treadmill users the ability to have a great workout, in a class environment that incorporates live DJS, specialised lighting and incredible, ever evolving programming which is a culmination of over 50 years in the fitness industry. SWEAT1000 caters to all fitness levels from beginners, intermediate or advanced athletes on the incline trainer. Everyone starts together and finishes together no matter what their fitness level.

What makes SWEAT1000 as ‘addictive’ as those, who’ve been doing it for a while, will attest to?
The remarkable results and the fun element – SWEAT1000 workouts are continually evolving and the insane fitness and body transformations that are achieved by our valued clients as well as the incredible SWEAT1000 Community keep clients coming back for more. Every client that we have is an integral part of the SWEAT1000 family and we thrive on the results that our clients achieve. We make sure that we are always up to date with world fitness trends, thereby ensuring that we always have the latest fitness products, programming and music in our classes. The workouts continually change so that clients are continually challenged, which forces their body to change and never plateau. Our passionate and dedicated SWEAT1000 Trainers always bring their best to every SWEAT1000 class so clients are continually motivated to push through their limits and beat their best.

SWEAT1000 workouts are continually developing. We make sure that we are always up to date with world fitness trends, thereby ensuring that we always have the latest fitness products in our classes. We have specifically chosen the FreeMotion Incline Trainer as our choice of treadmill. This treadmill is different from the other treadmills on the market in that it inclines to 30 degrees as opposed to the conventional 15 degrees.

“Studies have shown that walking on incline above 18 degrees burns 3 times more calories from fat than running on a zero-degree incline.”

How did you get started with SWEAT1000?
We have been fortunate to have the opportunity of travelling to international trade shows over the past 20-years as well as continually learning from the best trainers and experiencing the best workouts in the world.

The treadmill is the most popular piece of cardio equipment in the gym and functional training, bodyweight training and boxing became very popular just over 10-years ago. We saw a gap in the market for combining the most popular piece of cardio equipment with the most popular functional workouts and adding lighting, music into an insane, fun and energetic experiential high intensity interval training workout that caters not only for elite athletes but also beginners. Hence SWEAT1000 was born in 2010.

How does SWEAT1000 differ to a mainstream gym visit?
There are no joining fees, contracts or memberships and your first class is FREE if you are a South African resident thus eliminating any barriers to entry. Clients only pay for the classes that they participate in. All bookings are made online through our easy to use software solution. SWEAT1000 is an effective, efficient and results oriented workout that leaves clients finishing the workout on an endorphin high and achieving results that they have never achieved with any other exercise regime that they have tried. It’s simple – SWEAT1000 WORKS!

How has the health and fitness space changed since you first started?
We started in the industry in 1995 and at that stage there were only regular gyms, which incorporated an aerobic studios and spinning studios. There are a lot more boutique fitness facilities that have opened all over the world as people look for an efficient and effective way to workout, as well as the opportunity to be part of a community and not just a number.

Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds and wearables have become all the rage. These wearables track users heart rates, calories and other stats. SWEAT1000 incorporates all the latest technological advances and hence the ability to remain one of the leading and cutting edge in the fitness world 9-years after its inception.

You’ve just returned from one of the major fitness conventions in the United States – what is the future of fitness looking like?
The future is looking very bright. Fitness is recession proof and it is the best investment that you can make into yourself. The fitness market is booming and we are looking forward to an exciting few years as SWEAT1000 continues to change hundreds of thousands of lives as we expand both locally and internationally.

Here’s the age old question: are weights or cardio better for getting in shape?
SWEAT1000, as it combines a combination of weights and cardio. High Intensity Interval Training is proven to help you shed fat and build lean muscle. If you want to change, you have to challenge yourself. SWEAT1000 will challenge you and the fact that every class is different will shock your body into making consistent changes. Classes vary and include BOSU, Boxing, Decks, Resistance Bands, Dumbbells, Barbells and Suspension Training.

Winter is around the corner – what are your top tips for keeping in shape over the winter months?
Be consistent and remember the age old saying that “Summer Bodies are made in Winter”. Make sure you boost your immune system with Vitamin C and other immune boosters so that during winter you do not miss workouts. Winter is only 3-months long so, my tip, set yourself a goal of three SWEAT1000 classes a week and make healthy choices when deciding what to eat.

Everyone has 24-hours in a day so make the correct choices this winter so when Spring comes around on 1 September, you will be fine tuning and maintaining your physique rather than starting from scratch.

The only and closest SWEAT1000 to Sandton is in BLU BIRD SHOPPING CENTRE, close to Melrose Arch – any plans to expand your footprint?
We are currently in talks to open a number of SWEAT1000 studios both locally and internationally. SWEAT1000 Sandton is definitely on the cards.

Andrew, you’ve just become a new dad – congratulations! What health habits will you be instilling in your little one?
Thanks so much. I want my kids to be as active as possible especially in the technological era we live in today. A healthy body is a healthy mind.

Andrew Rothschild will be teaming up with his team in Sandton this week for a handful of power-packed classes. If you have never tried a SWEAT1000 class, here is your opportunity to get yourself down to BluBird Shopping Centre and sweat it out for yourself:
Thursday 23 May 2019 at 5:50pm Andrew x Mika
Saturday 25 May 2019 at 7:00am Andrew x Joe
Saturday 25 May 2019 8:15am Andrew x Tashie

Booking is essential! Email or call +27-11-440-6484.

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