Survivor South Africa

Survivor South Africa: Return of the Outcasts Premiers July 18

Survivor South Africa fans need to hold their breath no longer as RETURN OF THE OUTCASTS starts on M-Net on July 18.


  • South Africa’s Sunshine Coast plays host to the latest season of Survivor South Africa, in a new Monday to Thursday format.
  • This will be the 9th season of South Africa’s own version of the world’s greatest game.
  • The 2022 season reignites the flames of 20 former castaways on the rugged Eastern Cape coast.
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RETURN OF THE OUTCASTS has drawn Survivor South Africa castaways from across almost all previous seasons and brought them together on the east coast of South Africa to give them a chance to play their games again – but this time, everyone knows their style of play, who they shared alliances with and who they double-crossed during their season.


Survivor South Africa
Survivor South Africa host Nico Panagio returns for Season 9 of the popular reality game show. Image: M-Net

The location plays such an integral role in the game – and the Sunshine Coast is the ideal setting for this daring and different season. We saw last season that the Wild Coast lived up to its name and presented the castaways with plenty of unique challenges – just because the location is closer to home, doesn’t make it any more familiar. The Sunshine Coast lives up to its name most of the year, but it also has a tempestuous and brooding side that can change the game at a moment’s notice.

// Executive & Creative Producer, Leroux Botha


Survivor South Africa: RETURN OF THE OUTCASTS premieres on M-Net with 4 episodes per week. The release of the series trailer and full list of castaways are due on June 5.


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