Which Of These 5 ‘Vacations’ Are You Taking? The Spacation

In this five-part travel trends series, The Sandton Times explores the various holidays or vacations travelers are opting for as a result of the pandemic, like The Spacation.


  • After months under lock and key, mixed with stress, anxiety, and eventual cabin fever, people are ready to get out of the house.
  • There are 5 trending holidays or vacations people are taking: the Workcation, the Vaccication, the Spacation, the Staycation, and the Retalication.
  • Be sure to check in every day this week for 2022 travel trends.
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As the world moves into 2022 with international borders opening up and vaccinations on the rise, it’s clear that travel has changed significantly and that the new reality of going on a trip, for business or pleasure, involves a massive focus on hygiene and cleanliness, vaccination passports, ever-changing restrictions but maintaining that undying desire to explore a new place.


Today it’s the turn of the ‘Spacation’. It’s likely the most frivolous of all vacations, but many will attest that a day in the spa is as good as a holiday, and some of South Africa’s most desirable spas offer just that! Massaging the word spa and vacation into one, it’s generally not a hard sell to anyone who appreciates odd fascial, herbal poultice massage, or reflexology.


It’s been a difficult couple of months, both mentally and physically, and the thought of being able to take even the shortest break, combined with a day or few hours of pampering, can be both rejuvenating and essential for overall wellbeing. Spa facilities as part of a premium hotel offering have become an essential must-have for any property wanting to attract prospective travelers, and being able to cleverly combine a full-stay offering including a few spa treatments with a bed & breakfast deal has filled many hotels up during the most challenging time for hospitality.


It’s the closest thing to a resort holiday for those not wanting to venture all too far, with most spa’s also offering common use areas like a sauna, plunge pool, relaxation area, or even a halogen salt therapy room.


Without a doubt, a spa session will remove both physical and mental stress making a ‘Spacation’ the ultimate, down-the-road getaway. Image: The Sandton Times

And for those moms needing a bit of a break from the family, a ‘Spacation’ is a great idea to go on with some girlfriends, combining it with some wine dining and a Sunday morning sleep-in. Yet a ‘Spacation’ need not be a trip down the road. South African lodges and 5-star coastal hotels have created spa spaces that, for the most, are the highlight of any escape.


The Sediko Bush Spa at Palala Boutique Game Lodge in Limpopo offers a Merlot bath – a chance to soak in red wine; second only to drinking a glass or two. In Gauteng, ‘The View’ by 27Pinkx located at the Radisson Blu Hotel Sandton features a Halogen Salt Therapy room with a sodium chloride generator and a heated Roman bath with a 180-degree view of the city skyline.


There is certainly always a reason to unwind both physically and mentally, and whilst travel to far-flung corners of the world might seem quite stressful or in some instances, not doable, there’s nothing a Herbal Poultice Full Body Massage with a glass of bubbly, won’t solve.


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