Shawu's Hills Wildlife Estate

Shawu’s Hills Wildlife Estate Launches On The Banks Of The Crocodile River

A new haven, Shawu’s Hills Wildlife Estate, where South Africa’s wild nature meets elegance, is emerging along the picturesque banks of the Crocodile River, grabbing the attention of both local and international property investors.


  • Shawu’s Hills Wildlife Estate hosted select media and agents in greater Sandton to announce the launch the new development with a view of the Kruger National Park.
  • With a few stands already sold, the event hosted at the Country Club Johannesburg (CCJ) in Woodmead showcased what Shawu’s Hills Wildlife Estate has to offer.
  • The meticulous planning of the estate includes a range of options to suit various investor preferences.
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The Sandton Times joined an intimate group of media and agents in the real estate business to witness the launch of Shawu’s Hills Wildlife Estate, a sanctuary that pays homage to the majestic hills that were once home to Shawu, one of Kruger’s iconic tuskers. This retreat is not only set to redefine luxury living but also offers a seamless blend of modern architecture and the untouched beauty of the South African bushveld all in one.


Shawu's Hills Wildlife Estate
The allure of Shawu’s Hills lies not only in its architectural magnificence but also in its ability to capture the essence of the wilderness. Image: Shawu’s Hills Wildlife Estate

Nestled on a promontory overlooking the Crocodile River, Shawu’s Hills Wildlife Estate boasts an enviable location just 12km from The Crocodile Bridge Gate, providing direct access to the Kruger National Park – South Africa’s oldest and largest game reserve. The estate’s architectural vision is brought to life by Boss Architects, who have meticulously crafted timeless lodges, cabins, and recreational structures that harmoniously merge with the natural surroundings. Private verandas extend the living spaces, inviting residents to immerse themselves in the riverine landscapes that unfold before them.


Serenity Reimagined – the estate’s apt tagline – captures the essence of what Shawu’s Hills Wildlife Estate looks to embody. The developers, Bluegrass Trading, have painstakingly curated a space where they believe, serenity and sophistication converge, creating an unrivalled experience for those seeking respite from the demands of modern life.


Shawu's Hills Wildlife Estate
The use of timber ceilings and sleek screeded floors, framed by floor-to-ceiling glass panels, blurs the line between indoor and outdoor living. Image: Shawu’s Hills Wildlife Estate

The development comprises 93 full-title stands, 25 fractional lodges, 75 to 100 timeshare units, and a single commercial lodge. Every stand is strategically situated to ensure privacy, and all residents have access to a landscaped recreation area that boasts an array of amenities. This communal space is a hub of activity, featuring a restaurant, coffee shop, art gallery, farmers market, kids zone, an auditorium-amphitheater, and a boma experience, catering to every facet of a well-rounded lifestyle.


Bluegrass Trading, the developer behind Shawu’s Hills, has a portfolio that boasts successful ventures such as Marula Sunrise, a lavish 5-star lodge in the Mjejane Game Reserve, and the Simbini Lifestyle Estate on the outskirts of Malelane.


Shawu’s Hills Wildlife Estate gets its name from the legendary elephant bull Shawu. Over thirty years ago, Kruger National Park bore witness to a remarkable spectacle – seven majestic elephant bulls, each proudly carrying tusks that weighed over 50kg, roamed its vast terrain. This awe-inspiring herd, aptly named the Magnificent Seven by Dr U de V Pienaar, the visionary Chief Warden at the time, embodied the triumphant success of Kruger’s conservation efforts.


Shawu's Hills Wildlife Estate
Each lodge and cabin is thoughtfully designed to maximize breath-taking views, welcome an abundance of natural light, and create a seamless connection between the interior and the exterior. Image: Shawu’s Hills Wildlife Estate

As fate would have it, each of these noble elephants eventually passed away, prompting a decision to preserve their memory by collecting their tusks and skulls for exhibition. Nestled within the Elephant Hall at Letaba Rest Camp, a tribute to their enduring legacy was established. Among this esteemed group, the Shawu Bull stands out as a symbol of grandeur and resilience.


Named after the Shawu Valley where he predominantly roamed, Shawu’s presence graced the expansive Mopani-covered plains between the Letaba and Shingwedzi rivers. Despite his size and status, Shawu exuded an approachable demeanor, often engaging with vehicles without a hint of fear or suspicion. His magnificent tusks, among the longest recorded in Kruger’s history and ranking among Africa’s top six, painted a portrait of his majesty and presence.


As the sun set on Shawu’s life, he succumbed to old age in the Kostini area east of Shingwedzi, near the heart of the Shawu Valley he had come to epitomize. With a radio transmitter meticulously monitoring his final days, Shawu’s legacy was marked by both admiration and reverence. Aged nearly 60, he left an indelible mark on Kruger’s history, a testament to the park’s commitment to conservation and preservation.


As Shawu’s Hills Wildlife Estate adds to the landscape with its tasteful design and integration into nature’s beauty, the new development should be a hit with property investors looking for a slice of South Africa’s natural wonder.


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