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Special ‘Comedian’s Cut’ Screening Of New Material

Riaad Moosa will be bringing his beloved character, Cassim Kaif, back to the big screen in a double feature of live stand-up comedy and a special ‘Comedian’s Cut’ screening of NEW MATERIAL at Cinecentre, Killarney on July 31 at 5pm.


  • New Material is the sequel to the smash hit, Material, a hilarious and heart-warming film about a dutiful young Muslim man who moonlights as a stand-up comedian.
  • The film also stars Schalk Bezuidenhout, Joey Rasdien, Zakeeya Patel, Denise Newman and media personality, Shashi Naidoo.
  • Limited tickets (R200 per person including popcorn and drink) available at
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As an award-winning comedian, actor, writer and presenter, Riaad Moosa is one of South Africa’s most popular and acclaimed comedians – and he happens to be a qualified medical doctor too.

I’ve been cooped up doing virtual shows for 2 years and I’m thrilled to be able to perform to real people instead of emojis on my screen and to hear some real laughter instead of LOLs in the comment section. I’m excited to be back on the big stage and the big screen.

// Comedian, Riaad Moosa


In NEW MATERIAL, a much-loved character, Cassim Kaif, played by Riaad Moosa, continues to ply his trade as one of South Africa’s few Muslim comedians while balancing the demands of a marriage, a young child, and living in a house with his aging parents. His father Ebrahim (Vincent Ebrahim) has reluctantly accepted his son’s chosen career for now, but it is still a simmering issue.


While Cassim’s career is going reasonably well, he performs mostly to Johannesburg Muslim audiences and yearns to expand his audience nationally and further hone his craft. Yusuf (Joey Rasdien), his best friend and agent, plans a national tour, but is totally out of his depth. From the outset, the tour is beset with problems, from an over-eager sponsor (played by Rajesh Gopie) who expects too much from the deal to Cassim having to make tough decisions when international opportunities present themselves. This is exactly what Cassim wanted. Or is it?


While international fame beckons in the distance, Cassim has to deal with the immediate complications of the national tour, not least of which is the challenge of his main sponsor, Laudium businessman and heir to the Sulabie Chicken Bite empire, Shabir Sulabie (Rajesh Gopie). Shabir fancies himself a bit of a showman and when he is denied a place in the spotlight, he quickly turns on Cassim and Yusuf. Chaos ensues, and fellow comedian Hendrik, is forced to step in and defend Cassim and Yusuf with his questionable martial arts skills.



Riaad brings his best comedic offerings to the stage with a snapshot into his life as a 40-something, father, husband, comedian and actor with personal stories of his family and life experiences and trying to make sense of it all. Riaad’s relatable brand of comedy makes him a fan-favourite for all ages, showcasing one of South Africa’s best homegrown talent.


Book your ticket on the Cinecentre website. Tickets are R200 per person including popcorn and drink.


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