Finance Magnates Africa Summit

Regulation In The Spotlight At The Sandton Times FMAS:24 Panel Discussion

In the dynamic landscape of African trading, where digital transformation is reshaping markets, the recent Finance Magnates Africa Summit (FMAS:24) held in Sandton served as a pivotal forum to look at the future of trading.


  • The Finance Magnates Africa Summit brought together individuals and businesses keen on exploring the realms of online trading, fintech, crypto, digital assets, and payments.
  • Set against the backdrop of the Sandton Convention Centre (SCC), this in-person event amalgamated local expertise with global insights.
  • Hosted from 20 May to 22 May 2024, the Sandton Convention Centre was abuzz with activity, welcoming a diverse spectrum of stakeholders under one roof.
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Organized by FMevents, the Finance Magnates Africa Summit 2024 (FMAS:24) positioned itself as South Africa’s premier B2C and B2B exhibition in the realms of online trading, financial services, crypto, and payments. Existing traders and individuals intrigued by trading the financial markets were drawn to the FMAS:24 to connect with leading online brokers, educators, and experts. From trading beginners to seasoned veterans, FMAS:24 presented unparalleled opportunities to engage with South Africa’s online trading community, alongside esteemed brands and platforms.


Nick Sproule, Managing Director of Trade Nation spoke to The Sandton Times to provide some insight into how geopolitical events were affecting local and global trading.



The Finance Magnates Africa Summit (FMAS:24) served as a platform for dialogue and collaboration, facilitating meaningful exchanges among industry participants. Attendees had the opportunity to glean insights from thought leaders, exchange best practices, and forge strategic partnerships to navigate the evolving trading landscape.


The Sandton Times also sat down with Chairman of online trading platform ATFX, Joe Li, as well as Siju Daniel, Chief Commercial Officer of ATFX at the Finance Magnates Africa Summit 2024 (FMAS:24) to chat about the businesses interest in Africa and South Africa as a region.




As part of this year’s gathering, critical discussions were hosted on the centre stage, covering an array of topics, including the important aspects of regulation. Under the theme ‘Regulation, Trust, and The Future of Trading in Africa’, industry leaders converged to explore crucial facets of the continent’s burgeoning trading ecosystem.


Finance Magnates Africa Summit
From the outset, Alexander’s charismatic presence and engaging questions set the tone, ensuring that the panel discussion on ‘Regulation, Trust, and the Future of Trading in Africa’ ran smoothly and maintained high energy throughout the hour. Image: Finance Magnates Africa Summit (FMAS:24)

Moderated by Alexander Leibner, Founder & Managing Editor of The Sandton Times, the summit featured an illustrious panel of speakers, including Gerhard van Deventer, Divisional Executive: Enforcement at the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA); Sivakalay Pillay, Regulatory Lead (Principal) at Absa Bank Limited; and Jimmy Moyaha, Founder of Lebowa Capital.



The overarching theme of regulation and trust underscored the discussions, reflecting the imperative for establishing robust frameworks to foster confidence and integrity in African markets. The panel quickly eliminated any topical areas of concern deemed to be ‘grey areas’ including copy trading, finfluncers, trading education, affiliate marketing and more.


Gerhard van Deventer, drawing from his extensive experience in regulatory enforcement, emphasized the collaborative efforts between regulators and industry stakeholders. He stressed the importance of proactive regulation in safeguarding investors’ interests while promoting innovation and market efficiency.


Finance Magnates Africa Summit
The Sandton Times FMAS:24 Panel Discussion under the theme ‘Regulation, Trust, and The Future of Trading in Africa’ welcomed an engaged audience and packed room. Image: Finance Magnates Africa Summit (FMAS:24)

Sivakalay Pillay provided insights from a banking perspective, shedding light on the evolving regulatory landscape and the role of financial institutions in promoting transparency and compliance. Sivakalay highlighted the significance of regulatory agility in adapting to technological advancements and emerging risks. Jimmy Moyaha, representing the entrepreneurial spirit driving Africa’s trading landscape, emphasized the pivotal role of trust in fostering investor confidence. Jimmy underscored the need for ethical business practices and transparent communication to cultivate enduring relationships.


Against the backdrop of Africa’s economic resurgence and technological innovation, the summit offered a glimpse into the future of trading on the continent. With digitalization reshaping financial markets and expanding access to trading opportunities, stakeholders are poised to capitalize on emerging trends and seize new avenues for growth.


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