Lotus Evija

A R53-Million Lotus Evija On Display At Nelson Mandela Square

Lotus Evija, the world’s inaugural all-electric British hypercar, is on display this week at Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton, forming part of the unveiling of the Elite World Cup alongside the 15th BRICS Summit.


  • Packed with unprecedented performance capabilities and a targeted power output of 2’000 PS, this vehicle sets new benchmarks for advanced EV engineering.
  • The Lotus Evija is considered to be the pinnacle of Lotus driving experience and engineering excellence, continuing the legacy of innovation that the brand is renowned for.
  • ‘Evija’, pronounced as ‘E-vi-ya,’ holds profound significance as it means ‘the first in existence’ or ‘the living one’.
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The debut of the Evija marks a significant milestone in Lotus’s storied history. As the first hypercar to emerge from the Lotus stable, it heralds the brand’s foray into the realm of electrified powertrains. This revolutionary step is not only a testament to Lotus’s tradition of pushing boundaries but also reflects the impact of Geely, one of the fastest-growing automotive groups in the world, which now oversees the brand.


Exclusivity and desirability are intertwined in the realm of hypercars, and the Evija effortlessly embodies both qualities. With production capped at a mere 130 units, the Evija is among the most exclusive cars to grace the streets. This number pays tribute to the project code ‘Type 130’, adhering to Lotus’s tradition of assigning a ‘Type’ number to its vehicles.


This hypercar also serves as a halo model for the broader Lotus line-up, which includes the Emira sports car and the Eletre all-electric hyper-SUV. The Lotus Evija’s exterior design is a symphony of contemporary automotive artistry.


Lotus Evija
The carbon fiber bodywork is stretched taut, appearing as if it’s embracing the mechanical components. Its low-slung stance, with a ride height of just 105mm, showcases the muscular haunches that envelop the cabin nestled between them. Image: Elite World Cup

Drawing inspiration from the aeronautics industry, the exterior harmoniously blends fluid forms with crisp lines. This is most evident in the sleek leading edge of the bonnet, reminiscent of iconic Lotus road and race cars. The rear quarter features a Venturi tunnel, a nod to Le Mans race cars, enhancing aerodynamic efficiency by channeling air through the body-shell.


At the core of the Evija’s technical prowess lies an ultra-advanced all-electric powertrain developed in collaboration with technical partner Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE). The battery pack, positioned centrally behind the two seats, powers four high-power density e-motors. This lightweight and energy-dense system delivers unparalleled performance while maintaining an ultra-efficient design. Targeting a weight of just 1,680 kg, the Evija stands as the lightest pure electric hypercar ever poised for series production.


The Evija offers five distinct driving modes – Range, City, Tour, Sport, and Track – each meticulously calibrated for specific performance characteristics. With a blistering 0-100 km/h acceleration time of under three seconds and a top speed electronically limited to 350 km/h, the Evija is a force to be reckoned with on any track or road.


Lotus Evija
Using current technology, such as a 350 kW charging unit, the Evija can achieve an 80% charge in 12-minutes and reach a full charge in 18-minutes. Image: Lotus

The Lotus Evija doesn’t just boast performance prowess; it also claims the title of the world’s fastest-charging production car. Thanks to Williams Advanced Engineering’s collaboration, the battery can accept an 800 kW charge, offering the potential to recharge the battery fully in just nine minutes, once suitable charging units become commercially available. With a range of 402 km on the WLTP Combined Cycle, Lotus is actively exploring charging solutions to enhance customer convenience.


Inside the Lotus Evija, the cabin is a fusion of high-performance racetrack engineering and road-going comfort. The floating wing dashboard, visible from outside through the windscreen, epitomizes the spirit of motorsport precision.


Lotus Evija
The minimalist cabin design focuses on blending a track car’s functionality with a road car’s comfort. Image: Lotus

Carbon fiber surfaces echo the sense of lightness, while Alcantara-trimmed seats provide both support and comfort. The centrally positioned state-of-the-art digital display offers crucial information like mode, battery charge, and remaining range. The cabin’s intuitive controls provide seamless interaction with the car’s technology.


The Lotus Evija’s driving dynamics are anchored by a motorsport-derived suspension featuring adaptive spool-valve dampers for each axle. With Torque-vectoring technology enabled by four independently controlled e-motors, the Evija delivers exceptional agility and performance on any surface. Active aerodynamics, rear spoilers, and F1-style Drag Reduction Systems further enhance the car’s stability and performance across different driving modes.


The Lotus Evija’s arrival signifies not just a new chapter in Lotus’s storied history but also a turning point for high-performance, advanced technology automotive manufacturing in the UK. With its blend of design innovation, cutting-edge engineering, and unparalleled performance, the Evija showcases the best of British automotive excellence while shaping the future of electric hypercars. As Lotus embarks on this new era, it stays true to its DNA and founder Colin Chapman’s guiding principles of pushing boundaries and pioneering innovation.


The Lotus Evija at Nelson Mandela Square carries the name of two-time Formula 1 World Champion and Indy 500 winner Emerson Fittipaldi. The Evija will be on public display until 24 August 2023.


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