The Pilanesberg National Park lost two bridges during the heavy rains in March 2014. Help The Sandton Times rebuild one of the bridges and restore Tshepe Drive.

The Pilanesberg National Park and Game Reserve, a vast circular crater of a very ancient extinct volcano, is a jewel in the North West Province of South Africa, bordering the world famous Sun City complex. It is home to thousands of wild animals including the Big Five and an ever-popular tourist destination for both local and international visitors.


In early 2014, the park experienced remarkably heavy rainfall, which flooded the rivers and washed away two key bridges on a road called Tshepe Drive. It was this same year, that a very special man, close to The Sandton Times blog, turned 80, which inspired the idea of reconstructing one of the two bridges in a park he has been visiting and enjoying for well over 20-years, as a legacy project.

The destruction of the two bridges in the Pilanesberg National Park has disabled this section of the park and made visiting this area very difficult and not advisable for anyone without an off-road capable vehicle. We want to change this and restore this area to its former accessibility for families and friends to enjoy well into the future.


The Pilanesberg Wildlife Trust and Pilanesberg National Park Management have given this initiative their full support and blessing. The funding will be going into constructing the bridge close to a geographic marker G12, including rubble removal, foundations, concrete base, mesh wire structure etc. The idea is to construct a bridge that will be stronger than it was before and we need you to help build this bridge! Every contribution counts and we’d like to eternalize you on this structure that will stand strong for decades to come. The Sandton Times has set up a RocketHub account, a great charity crowd-sourcing platform to help make this happen, enabling anyone in the world to contribute and turn a vision into reality.

Pilanesberg National Park

The Sandton Times gets to keep whatever is raised through RocketHub, however much is raised (unlike many other crowd-sourcing sites which require a fixed minimum target before paying out) and will put every Rand towards constructing this magical project in the Pilanesberg National Park.

To donate please visit our Fund a Bridge in the Pilanesberg National Park and Game Reserve page today! Any and every contribution counts. Please also feel free to re-post the link on your social networks to spread the word and help get to the needed amount to make the bridge rebuild project a reality.

We cannot wait to share the moment with you, when the bridge is complete and opened to the public!

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