Secrets of the Elephants

Nat Geo ‘Secrets of the Elephants’ Launches In The Pilanesberg

In celebration of Earth Day 2023, National Geographic and the Walt Disney Company Africa hosted the launch of the epic four-part series SECRETS OF THE ELEPHANTS.


  • Guests attending the exclusive launch were whisked off to Ivory Tree Game Lodge for the ultimate wildlife experience.
  • Elephants have long been a source of wonder and mystery with their rich emotional lives and almost supernatural ways of navigating the world.
  • SECRETS OF THE ELEPHANTS will change everything you thought you knew about elephants forever.
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The National Geographic brand immersion experience brought together a very select group of media, influencers and advertising clients in the Pilanesberg National Park where a two-day immersive experience enabled a closer look at various facets of the iconic, yellow-framed brand and the secret world of elephants.


Secrets of the Elephants
Those attending the launch of the epic four-part series SECRETS OF THE ELEPHANTS were treated to some gorgeous Disney+ and National Geographic merchandise. Image: National Geographic

Frequent visitors to Africa’s most prestigious and most sought-after safari destinations, The Sandton Times felt right at home, ready to make some fascinating wildlife discoveries alongside National Geographic experts.


Secrets of the Elephants
Contributor to The Sandton Times, Makaira Govender alongside Jenny Griesel of Jenny Griesel Communications. Image: National Geographic

After previewing episodes of Secrets of the Elephants, guests were able to pose questions to National Geographic explorer Dr. Joyce Poole and field guide Hendrick Munembone, who were involved in the production of the series.


Secrets of the Elephants
Disney+ and National Geographic went all out to really make the launch of SECRETS OF THE ELEPHANTS special, customizing guests water bottles. Image: National Geographic

National Geographic explorers Prof. Marcus Byrne and Tessa Barlin hosted a fireside chat titled THE DANCE OF THE DUNG BEETLES and a mini wildlife photography masterclass respectively, both of which had guests enthralled. African bush dinners, stargazing, guided game drives through the beautiful Pilanesberg bush, previews of upcoming National Geographic television content and more completed the experience, emceed by National Geographic explorer Ntokozo Mbuli.


Secrets of the Elephants
Guests were treated to two game-drives in the Pilanesberg National Park to come face to face with Africa’s giants. Image: National Geographic

SECRETS OF THE ELEPHANTS is directed by Academy Award-winning filmmaker and National Geographic Explorer-at-Large James Cameron, who travels the world — from the Savannahs of Africa to the urban landscapes of Asia — to discover the strategic thinking, complex emotions, and sophisticated language of elephants, shaping a unique and dynamic culture.



Narrated by Academy Award-winning actress Natalie Portman and featuring renowned National Geographic Explorer and elephant expert Dr. Paula Kahumbu, the four-part series not only reveals the extraordinary lives of different families of elephants but also highlights how similar they are to us.


SECRETS OF THE ELEPHANTS is now available to view on Disney+.


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