Operations Director

Motion Icon Announces New Operations Director

Motion Icon, a member of The Iconic Group, has announced the promotion of Madie Nepgen to Operations Director. Nepgen joined Motion Icon in 2021 as General Manager in Johannesburg, before taking up the position of Operations Director.


  • Escalator step branding is a striking alternative for retailers to promote their store and advertise their retail campaigns.
  • With more than 10-million escalator trips taken throughout South Africa each year alone, Motion Icon’s escalator step messaging has become landmark branding in many malls.
  • Motion Icon has geared up for the increased interest in mall messaging in the build-up to Black Friday and the Festive Season.
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Motion Icon has a national footprint in South Africa and deploys its patented innovative branding solution in airports and 6000 plus mall escalators across the continent, providing brands unmatched exposure at point of purchase.

We are excited to announce the appointment of Madie Nepgen to position of Operations Director within the group. Madie has made significant contributions in the manufacturing, inventory and finance departments. We wish her much success in her new role.

// Founder and CEO of Motion Icon South Africa, Marco Valente


Operations Director
A recent Pick n Pay QualiSave launch campaign by Motion Icon on escalator steps Hatfield. Image: Motion Icon South Africa

In the build-up to the Festive Season, Motion Icon has scaled up its production facilities to meet the growing demand for escalator ‘billboards’ that provide an unmissable marketing message that delivers results in malls, corporate offices, airports and train stations.


As one of the fastest growing Out-of-Home (OOH) media companies globally, Motion Icon provides brands with arguably the largest clutter-free moving billboard in an indoor environment, visible 24/7.


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