McCain Launches ‘Crispers’ At Sandton’s Hard Rock Café

McCain launched its latest innovative potato Crispers concept at Sandton’s Hard Rock Cafe.


  • Crispers are a tasty and crunchy concept with a unique shape – it looks like a wedge but it tastes crunchy like a french fry.
  • The new chip shape allows for topping, dipping, or scooping.
  • The launch event was hosted by comedian Donovan Goliath.
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Whilst little innovation has taken place when it comes to potato chips since the Incas first cultivated potatoes, Crispers looks to bring a new shape to the four existing potato chip cuts – slap, steak, skinny, crinkle, and straight.

Crispers are McCain’s innovative and patented v-cut style chips that are set to reinvent the category and make the humble potato the main event in any entertainment situation. This cut really delivers a crispy bite every time and the product holds shape and texture brilliantly, due to the clear coating, ensuring the end result is always crispy and delicious. The skin is left on for a rustic feel and the ridges create extra fun.

// Marketing Manager: Foodservice and Retail at McCain, Catharina Bester


McCain Crispers will be available in the frozen food aisle of South Africa’s major retailers.


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