Martini Fiero

Martini Launches New Orange Vermouth Drink In Sandton

Iconic Italian wine producer Martini launched its latest offering, Martini Fiero, a blend of citrus and bittersweet orange with crisp white wines, at Pablo in Sandton.


  • ‘Fiero’ in Italian means ‘proud’, ‘intense’ and ‘bold’.
  • The Martini brand is part of the portfolio by Bacardi Limited.
  • Martini Fiero promises to be a great new option for pre-dinner drinks or later afternoon sundowners.
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When a company that is 159 years old launches a new offering from one of its brands, it’s worth taking a look, especially one as iconic as Martini, known for its racing stripes, signature cocktails and legendary brand presence. The official launch of Martini Fiero, which looks to appeal to established Martini enthusiasts as well as a breed of new vermouth drinkers, took place at trendy eatery Pablo at the Mint Hotel in Sandton.


Whilst the brunchtime launch might not have been as vibrant or bold as the colour of Martini’s latest release, the new pre-meal drink joins an array of aperitivo’s, traditionally meant to open the tastebuds and stomach before a meal. The blend, which includes botanicals and Spanish orange peel, derives its 100% natural colour from these ingredients.


Martini Fiero
The sweet Spanish orange peels grown in Murcia, which are hand peeled and dried under the sun in a traditional method, provide the vibrant citrus notes. Image: The Sandton Times

Martini Fiero can be enjoyed with a variety of mixers, including tonic, soda or prosecco in equal measures, garnished with a slice of orange. The fruity notes of the aperitivo are enhanced by salty or savoury snacks, so try pairing it with some olives, cured meats, crisps or Parmesan slices.


Created in 1863 in Turin, Italy, businessman Alessandro Martini, winemaker Luigi Rossi and accountant Teofilo Sola came to define what we now know as the Martini brand.


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