Luca's Ristorante

We Tried It: Luca’s Ristorante Comes To Sandton

One of Johannesburg’s much loved Italian eateries, Luca’s Ristorante has relocated from Rivonia Crossing to 24 Central in the heart of Sandton.


  • Luca’s Ristorante opened its doors back in 1994.
  • Expect generous portions and authentic Italian flavours that have you wanting more.
  • In its new location, Luca’s Ristorante is neighbour to The Greenhouse Bar and Vida e Caffè.
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There are very few Italian restaurants that can quite claim the history, flavours and warm hospitality Luca’s Ristorante offers, and now, in its newfound home in Sandton, the restaurant enjoys more space, both inside and outside, situated next-door to the JSE just off Fredman Drive and Gwen Lane.


Luca's Ristorante
Luca’s has the ‘Marchio Ospitalità Italiana’ seal of approval for restaurants that embrace the tradition of culinary excellence and are considered genuine “Ambassadors of the ‘Italian palate’”, and Italy’s rich culture. Image: The Sandton Times

With a brand new pizza oven firing away, owner Luca Borella remains hands-on in welcoming guests and ensuring the new space is a major success, having run the business for well on 27 years. With a variety of Italian favourites on the menu from Pizza to Pasta and everything in-between, Luca’s Ristorante has become famous for its signature salad dressing, a recipe that is a closely guarded secret and once you’ve tried it, you’ll know why!


The Sandton Times set out to see what Luca’s Ristorante brings to the Sandton food scene, and we weren’t disappointed. And you don’t need to be an Italophile to enjoy some of Luca’s Ristorantes’ exceptional dishes. Here’s what we tried:



Luca's Ristorante
This is what you came for. Luca’s famous House Salad and secret Narcotic Dressing with a Mozarella Pizza Bread and Chicken Livers. Image: The Sandton Times

If you enjoy a midweek working lunch, this could be a meal on its own. A House Salad with fresh Avo, Robiola cheese & Luca’s secret narcotic dressing (divine), a fresh Pizza Bread with Mozzarella Cheese and Chicken Livers sauté with chilli and onion in beer.



Luca's Ristorante
Grande Primi Piatti. Fettuccine Rodolfo and Fettuccine Caruso. Image: The Sandton Times

For those Pasta lover’s, Luca’s Ristorante has a wide range of delectable dishes bursting with flavour. Try the Fettuccine Caruso, fresh homemade ribbon pasta with julienne of veal, sauté in red wine with chilli, garlic, mushroom, onion, cream and tomato or Fettuccine Rodolfo, fresh homemade egg pasta in cream, ham, mushroom, Parmigiano, a little black pepper and garlic – bravo!



Luca's Ristorante
Dolci delicious! Chocolate Truffle Cake and Tiramisu. Image: The Sandton Times

Finish off your meal with something sweet. For something rich, there’s the Chocolate Truffle Cake, handmade in-house with the finest dark chocolate and Jamaican Rum, complemented by a toasted almond brittle base or for something super light, the Tiramisu, is also homemade and very traditional, prepared with layered Mascarpone, eggs, boudoir biscuits soaked in espresso and Marsala, then sprinkled with cocoa.


Tuscany born Borella has brought a slice of authentic Italian cuisine to Africa’s richest square mile with some all-time classics and very personal dishes on the menu that’ll have you coming back for more.


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