Kong, a new nightclub opens its doors in the Design District of Rosebank. The venue isn’t new. It’s the reworked Latinova club space with a touch of Hong Kong. Apart from the Indiana Jones display case featuring gold skulls, variations of guns and some white nude statues filling the corridors, its minimalist with touches of smart.

Autumn is in full swing. Not sure if the “vividly glamorous” dress code includes some form of thermal clothing. The ladies attending the event don’t mind taking on the crisp air to look striking. Hostesses are in tight black minis and high heels. So are the lady guests. Tighter minis. Higher heels. A quick check in and then through the velvet curtains into the new hotspot. The giant red, lit up Kong logo at the entrance is grand. Nice Stephane.

The club is packed and the night hasn’t even started. Already bumped into numerous familiar faces. Too many to mention. It’s that kind of party. The layout is tight at times, minimal, with a large stretched LED screen overlooking a dance floor, surrounded by tables giving the impression that the venue has factored in bottle service as opposed to the odd Vodka shot on ice. Overall, the place is pretty dark. Black walls and ceilings engulf the club. On one end, the tobacco crowd is isolated around semi-closed off bar area. Tonight, drinks at the bars are complimentary. Excluding the Red Bull.

A cheese-and-sweets table receives its fair share of ongoing clients. But as launches go, the crowds make navigation challenging. Some Rio Carnival dressed dancers take to the stage to knockout the crowds with their flamboyant outfits and lovely looks.

Someone praises the bathrooms. Best to have a look. It is the launch after all. Once located, quite hidden away, in the back of the club, the bathrooms are smart, in line with the rest of the venue, but no unreal features. The cubicle doors are embedded with Hong Kong minted coins. Looks good.

An Astroturf covered balcony opens up to the streets and center court of the Rosebank Design District. Not the hanging gardens of Babylon but for those wanting a breath of fresh air, it’ll do. Meet two globetrotting blondes who plan on releasing a book soon based on some of their funniest experiences and thoughts. They have a blog. It’s a good chat. One last walk about whilst the DJ gets into full drive. Its time to call it a night. Or is it a morning?

A great start to the weekend. A good night out. Follow @Kong_Rosebank on Twitter.

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