Inner City Views

Inner City Views: Unique Art Exhibition Hosted In Sandton

A unique art exhibition titled ‘Inner City Views’ is currently taking place in Sandton with the aim of connecting emerging and established artists with serious art collectors.


  • The rolling three-month exhibition showcases the works of 22 talented artists and will be refreshed every four weeks.
  • Derived from Marvin Gaye’s iconic soul classic ‘Inner City Blues (Makes Me Wanna Holler)’, the theme of the exhibition explores the artists’ experiences and interpretations of life in the inner city.
  • The diverse range of artworks includes oil and acrylic paintings, charcoal and pastel drawings, prints, mixed media works, and repurposed found objects.
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The ‘Inner City Views’ exhibition has been co-curated by visual artist Nolan Stevens and art dealer Choni Gavin. Mendel Medalie, co-CEO of Asisebenze, expresses excitement about the partnership with Sanlam Private Wealth, seeing it as a significant step toward creating a sustainable arts ecosystem. The goal is to provide opportunities for artists and art lovers to include uniquely South African art in their collections.


Asisebenze Art Atelier is an art collective and community dedicated to supporting emerging and established artists in downtown Johannesburg. The collective provides artists with housing, studios, materials, therapy, and professional guidance to help them pursue their artistic and life ambitions.


Inner City Views
Since its establishment in early 2022, Asisebenze has actively participated in top art events and hosted multiple exhibitions. Image: Asisebenze Art Atelier

Asisebenze Art Atelier, located in Johannesburg’s iconic art deco building on Plein Street, is home to a collective of over two dozen artists. The artists receive support from a professional management team of curators and industry insiders, ensuring access to housing, studios, materials, and guidance.


The pieces touch on various themes related to the inner city of Johannesburg, such as safety, identity, movement, and cultural identifiers.


Sanlam Private Wealth’s CEO, Theesan Moodley, emphasizes the connection between the creation of lasting art and the careful crafting of wealth portfolios. The partnership with Asisebenze Art Atelier aims to support emergent and middle-tier African artists and contribute to the growth and development of the African art scene.


The exhibition is at Alice Lane in Sandton until 31 July 2023 and is open to the public. Private and group viewings can be arranged. For more information about Asisebenze Art Atelier, visit their website.


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