2021 Merry Gift Guide: Home Need Not Be Alone With Ring

Smart home technologies are on the rise, and if you haven’t leveled up your home for the future, getting yourself a Ring doorbell is a great start.


  • Ring lets you monitor every corner of your property.
  • Answer the door and check in on your home at any time from anywhere.
  • Replace your peephole with smart security.
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The 12-Days of Christmas might be one of the best-known carols, but honestly, who is still gifting their true love four calling birds or eight maids a-milking? That’s why The Sandton Times has narrowed down the list to a few things that have caught our eye this year! It’s Day 11 of our Merry Gift Guide, as we countdown some of those must-haves for Christmastime, and today, we’re taking a look at one of those ultra-cool household additions: a Ring!


And no, this isn’t one of those you get when things get serious in a relationship – this one consists of a range of smart tech security home solutions and devices that help you keep an eye on your home, whilst you’re away over the December break. As security continues to be a major concern in South Africa, smart home technology can potentially discourage or capture criminals.


Connecting to your home Wi-Fi, Ring has a solution to cover every corner of the house, offering 24/7 video surveillance, alerting your smartphone to any movement or activity, whilst documenting every move using high-quality footage, saved to the Cloud. Image: Ring

Devices like the latest Ring Video Doorbell allow you to watch over your house and valuables in crystal-clear 1080HD video via the Ring app on your phone. Hear and speak to visitors from anywhere thanks to instant mobile alerts and two-way talk, enabling you to answer the doorbell from your smartphone, tablet, and PC. And it has night-vision capabilities too!


Ring’s Video Doorbell is installed with a bit of handy work and includes a quick-release, rechargeable battery so you can charge your Doorbell without removing the device, which is on the lookout 24/7.


During times of Covid-19, you can even provide instructions to delivery services at your door without having to come into contact with anyone. Image: Ring

For pet owners and house sitters, there’s the affordable Ring Indoor Cam, which brings smart security into the home. It can be placed on a surface or mounted for a higher surveillance view. Put one in the living room to watch over pets, another at the window showing your garden and perimeter, and maybe one in the children’s room for when the family is at home.


When the smart camera picks up any movement, night or day, it instantly sends a notification to your smartphone and with a quick tap, you are able to get a brief view of the situation or log in for a more extended live view. There is no price you can put on peace of mind and if it isn’t the odd burglar you are worried about whilst away, it might just be that geyser burst, nosey neighbour, or maybe even Santa himself.


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