F**K Me. It’s Gordon Ramsay {Johannesburg}

sandton-gordon-ramsayA dream of a lifetime to meet Scottish chef, television personality and restaurateur, Gordon Ramsay. For others, this would be a nightmare. He’s in town for the Samsung Good Food & Wine Show 2011 at the Coca-Cola Dome from 22 -25 September 2011.

Manage to get an invite, but by the looks of things, it’ll be a battle against an army of Ramsay fans armed with every cookbook Gordon has ever compiled. If the book signing queue is anything to go by, then this sharp mouthed chef’s popularity in South Africa is massive. This 12 Michelin star awarded kitchen master takes to the stage of the Chefs in Action Theatre threatening, in his own words, to come out to Judge Master Chef South Africa if the country ‘makes it its own’ to beat the Brits and Australians. It’ll be a bit like the Rugby World Cup all over again. This time, in the kitchen.

During the live demo, Ramsay instantly reduces the audience to ‘Muppets’. But that’s what everyone’s come for – to be insulted by one of the world’s most talented chefs and host of ‘Kitchen Nightmares’, ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ and ‘The F-Word’. News this week is that Ramsay together with Fox will take on another series, applying his kitchen makeover skills at hotels in a new TV show titled ‘Hotel Hell’, according to Entertainment Weekly.

“From dirty bedrooms and mould-ridden bathrooms to incompetent staff or customer service that’s not up to par, Ramsay and his team will work with the hotel employees to turn these hapless establishments around,” Fox says in a statement.

Getting a chance to get a book signed takes a long time. Eventually its only a matter of seconds. Ramsay is a big guy. And pleasant. After exchanging a few light thoughts, Gordon puts pen to book and signs it. Totally thrilled.

In the South African appearance, Ramsay whips up a selection of simple yet delicious dishes and has the audience entertained with anecdotes, sharp comments and yes, more swearing. Fans of Ramsay’s shows or multiple cookbooks shouldn’t miss the experience Gordon Ramsay close-up.

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