Black Friday


It comes but once a year yet there is something about Black Friday that even gets the most unlikely Sandton shopper excited at the prospect of grabbing a great deal.


  • Black Friday in South Africa will be on November 26.
  • The shopping day marks the start of the holiday shopping season with incredible deals and specials.
  • Takealot, Makro, and Game have started indicating their plans for Black Friday 2021.
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If you haven’t caught on to the annual Black Friday mania, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. The day after Thanksgiving in the United States marks the start of the festive shopping season marked by a massive sale across multiple retailers offering wild discounts on highly desirable products. This has come to be Black Friday. In the past, South Africa has seen Black Friday becoming more and more of ‘a thing’, with people standing in line overnight, by the hundreds, waiting for stores to open their doors and to be the first to grab limited and exclusive bargains.


With the world still fighting a pandemic, Black Friday isn’t quite what it used to be as the chaos and crowds of yesteryear are not conducive to social distancing, mask-wearing never mind any sanitization. However, it still promises to be one of the most anticipated shopping days of the year – primarily online. Alternatively, there have been some retailers hinting at running specials over an extended period of time in November 2021, avoiding the build-up of too many people in a store, contrary to Covid-19 protocols.


This year, shoppers will be sure to want to score some awesome travel deals for 2021 – and 2022 – as those who have been in lockdown for close to 2-years will want to venture out and indulge in ‘revenge travel’, the latest buzzword in global travel trends indicating people’s desire to get out of the house, see the world and celebrate life, realising over the past few months, how short life can be and that their bucket list needs to be ticked off. Dream trips could include Disneyland with the whole family, a premium Mediterranean cruise, a villa stay in the Maldives, or a luxury safari getaway.


Whilst electronics like televisions, smartphones, appliances, and gaming consoles have proven to be the go-to favourites too, non-perishables are also a great option to stock up on for the year ahead – as, with toilet paper, it seems like South African’s can never have enough! So whilst Black Friday shopping this year might not need to be an indulgence, it could be an opportunity to make that household budget work a bit harder going into 2022.


Yet beware of specials that might not be so special and don’t get caught up in the excitement and hype that comes with Black Friday every November. There are deals every year that do prove to be an incredible buy, but they are very limited and will need some prior strategy and research to clinch.


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