December Destination Cape Town: FYN Dining Worthy Of World Best 50

Expectations run high when visiting a restaurant ranked amongst some of the best in the world and dinner at FYN is unquestionably one of the most adventurous gourmet encounters in Cape Town right now.


  • FYN has secured its place in the 2021 World’s 50 Best Restaurants ’51 to 100’ list.
  • Chef Peter Tempelhoff, Chef Ashley Moss, and Jennifer Hugé are the power-trio behind FYN.
  • A new restaurant called Beyond at Buitenverwachting wine farm is Chef Peter Tempelhoff’s latest epicurean venture.
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The adventure starts on route to FYN, as never having been to the restaurant, has The Sandton Times roaming around downtown Mother City blocks, not quite sure what to expect or look for, with the unassuming ‘Speakers Corner’ building entrance adding to the mystery. We find the reception, sharing a space with a modern art gallery, and soon are whisked up to the 5th Floor – home to FYN restaurant. What awaits us is a double volume space, oozing African and Japanese inspiration reflecting the restaurant’s now-famous menu, together with an open-style kitchen and tremendous city sunset view.


Anyone who has ever played with a Japanese counting tray or soroban will instantly recognise the smooth wooden ceiling beads that occupy FYN’s overhead space only to be matched by charcoal interiors and a spekboom bonsai on each table. The rest of the table is minimalist, with a view of parts of Table Mountain just after sunset, and a feeling of being in a busy restaurant and yet feeling very relaxed and private. FYN seems to have that feeling of ‘Yin and Yang’ – sophisticated yet comfortable and enjoyable.


Our waitress is wonderful, offering both attentive service combined with knowledge and underpinned with just enough personality. What follows are delicious chapters of visual and edible dishes, each with their own twist, surprise, and sense of enchantment, best shared through a series of photos:


Beautiful flavours and presentation – Ostrich Custard with Capes Seasonal Morel. Image: The Sandton Times


Asia’s FYNest – Sashimi, Kochi Yuzu & Aged Shoyu, Kosho, Onigiri, Pickles and Unagi Gunkan Maki. Image: The Sandton Times


Locally sourced – Tempura Dune Spinach and Tentsuya. Image: The Sandton Times


Bites of bliss – Iberico Pork Belly, Mirin Toffee Apple, Mustard, Crackling and Wasabi. Image: The Sandton Times


Cocktail interval – our waitress whips up a bubbly inspired berry cocktail with the help of some liquid nitrogen. Image: The Sandton Times


Sweet finish – Madagascan Chocolate, Ethiopian Coffee, Salted Milk, Fermented Pear and Sorghum. Image: The Sandton Times

What’s critical is that you allow yourself enough time to enjoy the full experience – don’t be in a rush if you can – curfew allowing. FYN will leave you both well-rooted in a taste of South Africa experience whilst taking you halfway across the world. Best you get your reservation secured well in advance!


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