The ladies vying for Bachelor Marc’s heart in M-Net’s spicy new season of The Bachelor SA are starting to show their true colours.

And, after this week’s one-on-one date, some of them are seeing vivacious, bubbly model Qiniso van Damme as serious competition – and a little annoying. But who wouldn’t be jealous of the lady who receives the first passionate kiss from the man they are all dating?

Marc invited Qiniso on the firt out-of-town date and whisked her off to Ushaka Marine World, where they braved it out to experience shark cage diving – a first for both of them. Following their fun in the water, the couple headed to The Capital Pearls Hotel where they got to know each other better. But, it was during their walk on the pier that Marc presented Qiniso with a red rose, followed by some intimate lip locking.


The date was clearly a win in Marc’s eyes, who kept reaffirming that it was nothing short of perfect in his diary session. Marc admitted that he enjoyed how much they laughed together and that she felt like home. He even went as far as saying that he would like to meet her family. Does this mean that Qiniso has fast-forwarded her way to the finals? Only time will tell.

Drama at the Bachelor Mansion
Not only did Qiniso’s date sent ripples of antagonism through the mansion; the drama in the purple room continued! A much needed mansion meeting was held, after the ladies couldn’t bear the brunt of Bridget and Greta’s feud any longer. The pair had to confront their issues and bury the hatchet, in aid of repairing the divide in the house. Bridget and Greta eventually hug it out. But, the meeting unearthed more drama with Nolo, who was left feeling victimised after being confronted for getting involved in Bridget’s and Greta’s drama. Did she really instigate the drama? Or was she trying to help?


The Group Date
In this week’s high-adrenaline group date, Rikki, Jess.C, Gilllian, Stefanie, Tamryn and Daniella had to compete to beat Marc’s time on a skid course, in a bid to win breakaway time with him. The six ladies had their driving skills put to the test in a stylish Toyota Supra, but it was Gillian’s time of 01:08 that won her the honours – of a trophy – and note the date unfortunately. Marc decided that he wanted to get to know Rikki a little better, inviting her for some extra alone time. The pair spent the rest of the afternoon, in the back of his cosy Toyota Hilux, with blankets and snacks. Even though the date wasn’t sealed with a kiss, there was a rose to sweeten the deal.


The Cocktail Party
Nolo fuelled the tension just as the cocktail party started by calling for a second meeting. She wanted to address her concerns and air her views on how she was portrayed for getting involved in the Bridget and Greta drama. The ladies did not appreciate her antics and felt that it was not the time nor place.

The Rose Ceremony
With two roses already handed out during the one-on-one dates, only fourteen roses were up for grabs at the Rose Ceremony. This week, Marc decided to send home 27-year-old nail artist Greta and 30-year-old soldier, Tamryn.

“I’m a little sad that Marc didn’t give me a rose, but at the same time, I’m happy that it was at this stage, and there was no heavy feelings involved.”

– Nail Technician, Greta Sher


“It takes two to tango, and I’m confident and okay with what I brought to the party thus far. I’m not going to say that letting me go was not the right decision, but he definitely missed out.”

– Soldier, Tamryn Muller

Greta leaves behind an emotional Pi, who didn’t imagine life in the mansion without her while Tamryn was the rock in the house that they’re all going to miss.

More next week on The Bachelor SA Season 2, Thursdays at 7pm on M-Net Channel 101!

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