Entertainment mogul and businesswoman DJ Zinhle, released her latest bubbly, BLVD Luxury Nectar MCC Signature Edition. After a powerful business merger in October 2020, this latest release comes after the success of the sparkling Nectar Rosé & MCC Nectar Rosé.


  • BLVD Luxury Nectar is the latest addition to the luxe Boulevard range.
  • The MCC comes in a 750ml bottles.
  • BLVD Luxury Nectar is a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes.
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The internationally renowned entertainer who acquired equity in the Boulevard brand and was appointed CEO has been hard at work to not only grow the brand, but extend the brand family. DJ Zinhle’s latest MCC release, is a carefully crafted blend and to add complexity to the palate, a portion of the Chardonnay element is fermented in older French Oak barrels. The MCC is kept at the winery to mature in the bottle for a minimum of 9 months, with the result being, in BLVD’s words, ‘an elegantly creamy, and perfectly-balanced Cap Classique’.


During an interview on The Sandton Times Podcast, DJ Zinhle shared her journey so far.

Initially this was going to be a conversation about me being an ambassador for the brand and growing the vision for the brand. The conversation evolved to something bigger where I get to be part of the brand, have some ownership in the brand and therefor be the CEO of the brand. It’s a lot of work now – more work than I ever thought was possible, but it is a very exciting partnership. As a celebrity partnership, this is where we should be going – talking about equity now, not just being faces of brands.

// Boulevard CEO, DJ Zinhle




The packaging, a bright, bold white, had special occasions in mind, as DJ Zinhle revealed in her interview on The Sandton Times Podcast.

The white bottle has been a dream for me. One of the first things I said to BLVD is ‘guys, whatever happens, I need to have a white bottle in this range’. I think weddings are so beautiful but I hate how they’ll have this random colour bottle on the table that just ruins the deco.

// Boulevard CEO, DJ Zinhle


This latest bottle popping pour comes shortly after the BLVD Signature edition Nectar Rosé, released a few months ago. The expertly blended and balanced bubbly is matured for 15 months in cellars, creating an elegant Cap Classique. As the product best describes, BLVD Nectar Rosé ‘brings together accents of fresh strawberry and red berries, complimented by expressive notes of sweet apple and white pear’, making it a popular celebratory drink to date.


According to the official Boulevard website, six generations of winemakers oversee production in the South of France area of Languedoc, in the Pugibet vineyards, which are situated between the Alpes and the Pyrenees Mountains.


The newest addition to the Boulevard range can be found at Makro Liquor stores nationwide.


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