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Crawford International Sandton Joins The Sandton Times As A Brand Residency Partner

The Sandton Times is thrilled to welcome Crawford International Sandton, joining a dynamic group of forward-thinking businesses as a Brand Residency partner.


  • As part of this collaboration, Crawford International Sandton will enjoy a prominent presence on The Sandton Times homepage.
  • This provides a platform for always-on communication and the latest school announcements.
  • The Brand Residency program offers brands the opportunity to secure a permanent premium presence on The Sandton Times website over 12 months.
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This long-term partnership between Crawford International Sandton and The Sandton Times ensures brand-alignment and delivers an “always on” mix of content and social media outreach.


Crawford International Sandton is renowned for its commitment to preparing students for responsible adulthood and potential leadership. By laying an excellent academic foundation, supported by future-focused skills, Crawford International Sandton ensures that its students are equipped for lifelong success. With over 20 subjects to choose from, students have the opportunity to pursue their areas of interest as part of a holistic education approach. The school also encourages participation in a range of extra-curricular activities, promoting a well-rounded development.

The partnership with The Sandton Times aligns perfectly with Crawford International Sandton’s mission to provide its students with a world-class education and a platform to showcase their achievements. By securing a Brand Residency on The Sandton Times, Crawford International Sandton will enjoy ongoing exposure for its brand communications, reaching a prime audience on Sandton’s indispensable digital platform.

// Crawford International Sandton Spokesperson


The Sandton Times offers an ideal platform for organisations to share important information, providing top companies with an opportunity to communicate with readers and promote their brand. With the ability to publish content with front page exposure, Crawford International Sandton will leverage this partnership to keep its content fresh, up to date, and in the public eye.


As part of the Brand Residency package, Crawford International Sandton’s content will also be distributed through The Sandton Times’ weekly mailer, ensuring maximum reach and visibility.


Additionally, a dedicated company micro-site will be designed and set up according to Crawford International Sandton’s requirements, driving traffic to the school’s website and branded content.


Crawford International Sandton is excited to embark on this collaborative journey with The Sandton Times, harnessing the power of this partnership to amplify its brand presence and engage with a broader audience, whilst investing in the future of regional content platforms.


Together, they aim to make a lasting impact on the education sector and inspire students to achieve their maximum potential.


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