African Flavour: Sandton Welcomes Coca-Cola Wozzaah

Coca-Cola, in celebration of Africa Day, launched its latest creation Coca-Cola Wozzaah, a vibrant fusion of flavors inspired by the rich tapestry of African culture, in the heart of Sandton.


  • Named after the isiZulu term for ‘come here’, Wozzaah looks to embody the dynamic energy and pulsating rhythm of the continent.
  • Coca-Cola Wozzaah blends the classic Coca-Cola taste remixed with unique, tropical notes that are found nowhere else but in Africa.
  • The limited-edition Coca-Cola Creation is a world-first for Coca-Cola, as it is the first product to be made 100% in Africa.
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Coca-Cola revealed its latest offering during an activation at Sandton City in Africa’s richest square mile. Considered to be ‘more than just a beverage’, Coca-Cola Wozzaah looks to celebrate Africa’s influence on global culture. To bring this celebration to life, Coca-Cola partnered with artists and musicians who embody the essence of African creativity. As the ambassador of Coca-Cola Wozzaah, Uncle Waffles will play a central role in connecting fans with the spirit of the new creation.


The design of each can of Coca-Cola Wozzaah boasts contemporary typography and bursts of vivid color that captures the dynamic rhythm of African culture. Image: Coca-Cola

To kick off the launch, Coca-Cola Creations and Uncle Waffles hosted an exclusive pop-up concert in Sandton, followed by the grand unveiling of Coca-Cola Wozzaah. Accessible through the Creations Hub, Coca-Cola Creations offers fans an interactive online experience that celebrates African creativity. Hosted by Uncle Waffles, the digital platform features audiovisual elements inspired by iconic African spaces, allowing fans to explore and engage with the vibrant culture of the continent.


In addition to the digital experience, Coca-Cola is collaborating with waf., Nigeria’s first skateboarding company, to create exclusive merchandise inspired by African culture. Available for purchase in select markets, waf. merchandise offers fans a tangible connection to the world of Coca-Cola Wozzaah.


Coca-Cola Wozzaah is available for a limited time in select markets, including South Africa, Nigeria, Algeria, and Morocco.


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