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We Tried It! Business Travel On LIFT Premium

Whilst South Africa’s domestic airline industry has not had an easy time of late, one airline has continued to climb to cruising altitude, launching its LIFT Premium offering last year.


  • As the world opens up again, it’s back to business, even if it’s unusual.
  • LIFT Premium has brought a business class offering back to domestic air travel.
  • Expect free lounge access, seamless movement, onboard treats and better seats.
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Heading down to Cape Town, just ahead of the windy and rainy winter months, The Sandton Times took the opportunity to test-fly LIFT airlines Premium offering – equivalent to business class – targeting those traveling on business or leisure travellers who enjoy a little bit extra, when taking a local flight.


Business and leisure travellers have different wants, needs and travel patterns. Business travellers are generally very busy while in transit and need the space to work, while away from the office or home. They require comfort and to have everything else covered because there is no time to deal with flight delays or booking changes. The LIFT airlines offering is impressive, from booking a ticket, receiving confirmation and being able to add the air ticket to your Apple Wallet on iPhone, then receiving key reminders of flight details in the lead up to the flight.


Arriving at the airport, LIFT airlines has its own counters with a dedicated lane for LIFT Premium travellers, unmissable with its black carpet and sleek branding. If you haven’t checked in online 24-hours beforehand, now is the time to grab that 1A seat – front row.


LIFT Premium
With a standard 7kg Cabin Bag allowance but a whopping 46kg Checked Bag allocation, its needless to say that those extra bottles of olive oil and wine need not stay behind in the Cape. Image: The Sandton Times

Once checked in, its off through security at the airport and on-wards to the Bidvest Lounge – with access through your LIFT Premium ticket – for a tipple, latte or a few bites to eat. But don’t overdo it because there is more coming onboard! Once it’s time to board the plane, expect long queues at the check-in counter…but those are not for you. Instead, take the LIFT Premium fast-track queue to the front and be the first to board the aircraft, settling in with a complimentary bottle of still or sparkling water.


LIFT airlines has smartly converted the first 3-4 rows of their aircraft into LIFT Premium seating, with the centre seat in each row featuring a fold out table creating space between passengers and a space for drinks, snacks and that complimentary newspaper upon boarding. Don’t expect the extra wide, full flat reclining, button loaded business class seats common on international flights but take in that extra space, stretch those legs and enjoy some of the LIFT Premium hospitality throughout the flight.


LIFT Premium
Having teamed up with Vida e Caffè, coffee lovers will appreciate a good cup of coffee in a proper cup, served with a little chocolate on the side, whilst getting some work done on the MacBook. Image: The Sandton Times

Feeling peckish? LIFT Premium has it covered with a brunch style plate prepared onboard, enough to take the email-edge off a 2.5 hour flight to Cape Town – add a Mimosa to that for extra edge reduction or to manage the occasional clear-air turbulence on-route.


For those needing a toilet break, LIFT airlines has spruced up the onboard bathrooms with a few hand creams and some orchids. The LIFT cabin crew, dressed in the latest from Superbalist, are super attentive and helpful.


All too soon, it’s touchdown in Cape Town and time to exit the plane…first. At the luggage carousel, LIFT Premium passengers can expect their specially marked luggage to be off-loaded first, as did ours, ensuring an efficient and time saving experience throughout the whole journey. It’ll be hard to go back to any other way of traveling locally!


For more, visit LIFT Premium online.


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