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Aviro Health has closed a pre-series A funding round from ASISA ESD Fund (managed by Edge Growth), Tuksnovation, and TIA. The funding will be used to improve and expand Aviro Pocket Clinic, a digital counselling service made available through health providers in the public and private sector that empowers patients with accessible and engaging counselling and linkage to services via mobile phones or devices in facilities.


  • In the last 2 years, Aviro Pocket Clinic has helped over 50, 000 patients access health services in South Africa and Kenya.
  • Results are validated by leading Universities including WITS, UCT, and John Hopkins.
  • Aviro takes a human-centered approach to the intersection of Medicine, Design, and Technology to create digital tools that improve the quality of healthcare.
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The funding and associated networks will allow Aviro to expand their impact – first with their clinically validated and NDOH-endorsed support for HIV self-testing, but also into new use cases in HIV and other diseases where health workers have identified that they can use a digital support to help their patients successfully navigate care.


Aviro Pocket Clinic supports patients to achieve concrete health outcomes through carefully crafted medical content and proven user flows that deliver the right support at the right time, managed and delivered through a multi-channel platform (Web, App, WhatsApp chatbot).


With robust data and analytics capabilities, and built around a comprehensive scientific framework for behaviour change that is complemented with empathetic human-centred design, the platform promises an innovative and efficient way for providers to get verifiable outcomes without having to be with the patient through the entire care pathway.


This allows them to focus on the cases that require more specialised in-person support and to improve their overall health impact on tight budgets.


This funding will allow us to expand the flexibility and scalability of our service, so that as we grow we are able to effectively and securely support multiple health providers and new care pathways.

// CEO Aviro Health, Dr Musaed Abrahams


COVID has highlighted and magnified the pre-existing urgency for health providers to find ways to effectively support patients in digital and semi-automated ways, reducing routine interactions and allowing health workers to serve 10x more patients while making accessing care friendly and easier for patients.


The ASISA ESD Fund, through ASISA’s Enterprise and Supplier (ESD) initiative, is glad to welcome Aviro Health into its portfolio of investee companies. Given South Africa’s and indeed the world’s rapid advancement in the 4IR, and the pivotal role that technology plays in a post-pandemic world, the deal team is excited to be a partner in Aviro Health’s mission and journey towards improving the quality of life and the efficiency of care provision by supporting patients through self-care pathways such as testing, reporting, and linkage to care.

// Edge Growth, Alex Rodrigues


Tuksnovation is very pleased to see Aviro Health, one of our first investments from our seed fund and an early success story of our incubation programme, attract additional funding and support. We have established the seed fund as a technology de-risking instrument and a bridge-builder for start-ups to the next fundable investment position and the results from this funding round validates our proposition. The impact of the Aviro Health technology on the health care system of our country and the job creation potential realised through the growth of Aviro Health underpins the social impact potential of the technology across the continent.

// Tuksnovation, Phindile Tshabangu


Through the SEED Fund TIA provides risk-adjusted funding to assist innovators to develop their ideas.


We are excited to be part of the development of the Aviro Health technology. The innovation was funded by TIA through the SEED Fund Programme in partnership with TuksNovation. Besides funding our role in this partnership was that of enabler and connector. Aviro Health leveraging the additional funding, for further development of the technology, is a testament to TIA acting on its mandate to support innovations that will improve the quality of life for all South Africans. This is a system that will vastly improve health service delivery to even the most vulnerable communities.

// Acting Executive Innovation Enabling – TIA, Vusi Skosana


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