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New-Look Store Underlines Absolute Pets’ Growth In Sandton

Pet lovers across South Africa have a reason to celebrate as Absolute Pets proudly announced the opening of its 150th branch in Lonehill, Sandton.


  • With a wide range of high-quality products the new-look store takes the retail experience for pet parents to a whole new level of convenience.
  • The new store design at Lonehill Shopping Centre embodies the complete offering of pet care products and services.
  • Moreover, Absolute Pets aims to connect with the local pet community by introducing a community board to promote nearby pet-related services and offerings.
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At the forefront of the latest international trends and product developments, Absolute Pets has meticulously studied insights from overseas retailers and collaborated with South Africa’s leading store designers to create the fresh and inviting ambiance that awaits customers at the Lonehill shop, as well as several other branches set to open countrywide in the coming months.


From premium pet food and other essential pet care items to a novel ‘look-in’ pet spa, where customers can observe their beloved pets being pampered and groomed, the new store experience is designed to foster a deep connection between pets and their parents. Additionally, the store features a captivating aquarium with six fish tanks, showcasing a variety of small fish, making it an interactive and educational space for pet enthusiasts and families alike.


Absolute Pets
The Absolute Pets management team celebrate the opening of the 150th store in Lonehill. Image: Absolute Pets

‘The Snack Rack’ is yet another innovative addition, allowing customers to pick and choose their pets’ favorite treats from a range of meaty, chewy, and biscuit treat ‘buckets’. Absolute Pets also ensured fixtures and signage were thoughtfully arranged to facilitate an easier shopping experience for all visitors.


Recognizing the importance of an online presence, the new design incorporates an interactive digital interface. Customers can now browse an expanded range of products online and easily sign up for the store’s loyalty program, unlocking exclusive benefits and rewards.


Additionally, a photo board encourages customers to share heart-warming pictures of their pets or cherished moments spent at the store, fostering a sense of camaraderie among pet owners.

At Absolute Pets, we pride ourselves on customer service and experience, and we spend a great deal of time and attention on constantly improving this. The shopping environment certainly plays a key role in the customer’s experience, and so we feel providing a fun, enjoyable, and convenient way to shop in-store is very important.

// Absolute Pets’ Marketing Manager, Genevieve Adams


Absolute Pets
Absolute Pets has introduced a new ‘Snack Rack’ concept allowing pet parents to pick and mix a variety of pet treats in a range of container sizes. Image: Absolute Pets

This relentless focus on customer service, coupled with excellent prices on essential pet products, has been the catalyst behind Absolute Pets’ remarkable growth. What began as 8 stores in 2013 has now blossomed into a staggering 155 stores in just a decade.

Our new store concept is a milestone for Absolute Pets as well as the South African pet care industry. It’s about raising the bar when it comes to shopping for our beloved companions and ensuring them and their pet parents get the care and support they need to provide their pets with the best care to keep them happy and healthy. We truly appreciate how pets are just as much a part of the family as every human member, and so they deserve a champion dedicated to bringing their pet parents the very best in pet care products and services.

// Absolute Pets’ Marketing Manager, Genevieve Adams


As Absolute Pets continues to grow and expand its presence, it remains committed to being the leading provider of premium pet care products and services in South Africa. With a delightful new store concept, Absolute Pets ensures that pets and their parents receive the care and attention they deserve, enriching the lives of pets and fostering lasting bonds between humans and their furry companions.


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