Nestled in a secret undisclosed champagne cellar, accessible only by a secret passage way disguised as a bookcase, in a coffee shop, lies The Sandton Times.

It is here that the blog’s editorial outfit sit in their tan leather swivel chairs, sipping away at hazelnut lattes, feeding their red-speckled amazon parrot, conjuring up new and exciting content for the readers of their blog, from the fountain pen stained pages of an Italian calf leather notebook. Fascinated by the gastronomic realm, top-tier travel, along with high-end entertainment, adventure, news and la bella vita, Sandton’s leading blog collective are avid collectors of the rare and irreplaceable. While few know of the happenings behind the doors of the Sandton blogs’ retreat, the value it provides to readers is well-regarded the world over.

Thousands have flocked to its marvelous social media posts and countless continue to enjoy The Sandton Times’ insights and news. As Sandton’s leading blog, The Sandton Times showcases the best that Sandton has to offer in terms of world-class entertainment, big brands, luxury lifestyle, food for foodies, lavish travel, celebrity interviews, trendy launches and top-notch events, as well as pertinent news from beyond the boarders of Africa’s richest square mile.